Digirg + Winlink: need soundmodem?

new to Packet. Have a digirig hooked up to a Baofeng, do I need soundmodem? Not sure if that is an integral part of the software needed? or VaraFM? sorry a bit confused here, thanks for any help

Hi Joe, you will need UZ7HO Soundmodem if you are going to use packet. For VARA FM all you will need is VARA FM along with Winlink.

John Denison

OK, looks like I need some help here. I am not hung up on Winlink, so just trying to get ANYTHING to work. So it seems I have to have both a “email program” and a soundcard program correct? I have tried Winlink and Soundmodem as well as winlink and VaraFM, cannot get either to work. Lots of setting but I have followed as well as I can with suggested setting form here (seems I may have different version as not all the setting options look the same), but to no avail. Looking for any handholding I can get here as I am new to this. Also, maybe I am confused is VaraFM not packet?Thanks.

Check out this recent post with some setting recommendations:

You will need to be in range of the digipeater or a willing partner to make a packet connection.

Got it working, great, thanks much!!

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