DigiRig and TK-7180 or TK-8180

If you have never tried Kenwood’s commercial line of radios for data radios, you are missing out. I have setup many traditional packet stations with a KPC-3 and a TK-7180 or TK-8180.

I will be setting up one of these radios with a DigiRig and Vara FM. I want to know how much data thru put is possible on this setup.

I have used a Digirig and FTM-6000 setup as a base station on UHF. For a portable setup with a DigiRig and a Kenwood handheld (TK-3312). This combo produced 47 kilo-baud thru put on UHF. Not bad.
I want to try the Kenwood TK-8180 as a base station to see what it will do.

Info on the Kenwood TK-7180 (VHF) and TK-8180 (UHF).

Info on the Kenwood TK-2312 (VHF) and TK-3312 (UHF).

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I was just going thru some of my old drawings for pinouts using the KPC-3 and TK-7180 or TK-8180.

In this configuration I would set the KPC-3 as a digipeater somewhere as a stand alone device. They were great for years, but the KPC-3 years have long past.

Here is a PDF of a drawing I drew up in Autocad so I would have a good hard copy to work from. Just a FYI, the radio powered the KPC-3 thru this connection. I only had to provide power to the radio.
If the radio went off, so did the KPC-3.


Click below for the PDF version of the pinouts that were used for KPC-3 and TK-7180 or TK-8180.

Packet_TK-7180 and KPC3+ full schematic.pdf (592.5 KB)

I put together no less than a dozen of these as digipeaters.

I will be putting some drawings together for the DigiRig and the TK-7180 or TK-8180, but I don’t know if I will have time for AutoCad this go around.