Digirig Audio Settings For Packet Winlink Help

I seem to be turned around a little bit with properly setting up audio settings for the Digirig while using Soundmodem, EasyTerm, and Packet Winlink. I have been able to quickly connect a few times on EasyTerm with Soundmodem however, I don’t hear the modem trying to connect. The input/out is set to Digirig in the settings. I do hear the transmit when it’s trying to connect when the audio is set on the computers audio default. I would appreciate any help.

Having problems adding more pics of my settings in the post. I can only add them this way.

Settings Pic #3

Setting Pic 4

Setting pic #5

Settings pic #6

Settings pic #7

Settings pic #8

Settings pic #9

Settings pic #10

Settings pic #11

I don’t see PTT settings. Digirig uses PTT by RTS. In this software it’s under EXT option. Here is the relevant info from the software documentation:

PTT Port – sets the port to be used for PTT switching. Set to COM for serial port, LPT for parallel port, None for VOX (e.g.Signalink), CAT for CAT control, or EXT for external options using the PTT.dll (see Advanced PTT Settings below). If using serial ports, RTS is used for Channel 1, DTR is used for Channel 2 If using parallel ports, Pins 2 & 3 are used for Channel 1 and 8 & 9 are used for Channel 2.

When everything is set, use another radio to hear your station transmitting.

Thanks for the response and the help. This is what appears when I try to select EXT. I get a PTT.DLL (Select HID device). However, as you can see in the pic, there is nothing to select in the drop down. The PTT.DLL has been unzipped and in the same Soundmodem Folder.

Looks like a dead-end for soundmodem by UZ7HO.

Looks like your mic input is muted here.

Also, 20 is generally too loud for the audio input. Usually set mine to 0 or 1 and it’s fine.

I would say the PTT should work, since that should be the role of the COM part that you have configured in the Soundmodem PTT port.

I think the overall bigger issue is the decoding performance I’ve seen with Soundmodem. Was never able to get into my local igate with Soundmodem, but with the exact same hardware plus Direwolf I am able to get a solid connection more frequently.

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Were you able to get it working? I am trying to get it setup also and running into the same issues.

I have not been able to get it to work. I used two different Digirig’s and changed the audio settings a thousand ways to Sunday and no luck. I ordered a module for a Signalink and was able to get it to work. Obviously, I’m the problem. I’m sure I’m just not getting the settings right with the audio and I’m just not able to get it to PTT. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Here are current settings. COM4 is where the UART bridge was listed.

Modem settings.

So were you able to get it to work with those settings?