Digirig for Anytone D878UVII Plus

Which Digirig would you use for the Anytone D878UVII Plus? And which cables?

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These cables might be right:

Baofeng cables kit for Digirig Mobile – digirig

73 Constrainted

You need the logic levels configured digirig: Digirig Mobile – digirig

See this post for cables: Cable for Anytone AT-D578UV III Pro & Plus

You can make/buy the audio-only cable for RTS PTT, or at the bottom of the post there’s an audio/serial cable that you can make that will support CAT PTT. I’m working with Hamlib to get the Anytone added to the library, it’s been added to VARA FM, and SoundModem. There’s more info about compatible software here: Home · jrobertfisher/AT-D578UV-software-mic Wiki · GitHub

I have been wanting to use my 878 with Winlink. I asked the Bridgecom folks at Hamvention and they told me they were working with Denis on getting it to work but that it’s not ready yet.

Your AT-878 works with Baofeng audio/PTT cable. More info in these posts:


I successfully used the Baofeng cable with an Anytone 878 on Winlink. I found that I had to increase the TX delay to 600, but it does work just fine.

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