Cable for Anytone AT-D578UV III Pro & Plus

With a little coaching from K0TX, I was able to build a working AT-D578UV cable. You have to change one setting on the radio for PTT to work: Menu / Settings / 1. Radio Set / 64. Hand Type / 2. Volt-Det.



Operation Tips

  • Set the squelch to 0: Menu / Settings / 1. Radio Set / 26. Ana Sq Level / 1. An SQ OFF
  • Change the audio to mic: Menu / Settings / 1. Radio Set / 2. Speaker Mode / 1. Mic Spk
  • Change the mic type from serial to voltage detection for PTT to work: Menu / Settings / 1. Radio Set / 64. Hand Type / 2. Volt-Det. (Note: Don’t forget to change it back to 1. Uart-Det for normal hand mic operations.)

Cable build tips
I used some Cat5 and a standard RJ-45 connector for one end and a male Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve (TRRS) jack on the other side. When soldering the TRRS jack, use low heat and be fast, the plastic inside will melt if you get it too hot.

Other Radio Support
I read the Alinco DR-MD500 & DR-MD520 use the same pins, so this may work on those radios too.


This is excellent! I had tried before messing around with using the Anytone 578 with another sound card interface but it didn’t work. But thanks to this, I now know there’s a setting in the menus to change the mic port from serial to a simple ground detector! Thank you for posting this!


This is from about 25 miles away using VARA 6.2.8 using my AT-D578UV and the cable.

Hi. I am working on interfacing my AT-D578UVIII+ via Nexus DR-X and came across a post for SignaLink interface. It said not to use the speaker in the mic as it uses differential audio. The manual also indicates that pin 7 is Speaker -ve which seems to confirm this. The post said that using this would damage the radio’s audio amp. They say to use one of the speaker jacks on the rear. I would be interested in your comments on this information. BTW I will be getting a DigiRig to check it out on my VX-6R initially. Many thanks.

In the manual I found for this transceiver the note about BTL amp output is for the connector in the back but not for the front jack. The connector pinout provides separate pins for SP+ (4) and SP- (7) which leaves room for possibility of BTL on the front as well.

From previous report it appears that the cable works as above here. Still, recommendation would be to not initially ground pin 7 and try operating with just pin 4 connected. There is no danger to Digirig in any scenario.

Similar cable and BTL also discussed here: Cable for Anytone AT-778UV

Many thanks for the prompt reply and the extra info and link. I will keep going with my Nexus DR-X and check out your suggestion. About to order DigiRig as well. Cheers

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