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I love this Digirig that I purchased for my G90. Far better than what you buy from Xiegu. Far less wiring and a small footprint. The setup works great using FLdidgi and my Win 10 laptop.

One of the reasons for the purchase of the G90 is for field coms. Part of that is reducing weight through the use of a tablet than a lap top. 13 oz vs 3-lbs. I downloaded andflmsg to a micro SD card and installed it on my tablet (Android 10) . So far so good.

Hooked up the tablet to the Digirig using a UCB c cable (both ends) and fired up the tablet. Then fired up the G90 then from the Digirig to the radio plugged in the wires. Yeah! my tablet is RX digital coms.

So far so good. However, when I go to send a test msg nada. The tablet does not switch on the TX function.

I have tried to send with Vox on and off, but no TX joy.

My questions are,

  1. Has anybody out there successfully set up an android tablet with andflmsg > Digirig > G90? If so please share your setup.
  2. Has anybody out there used an android tablet with andflsg with any other radio?
  3. Thoughts?

Thanks a bunch

Glad to hear you are enjoying your Digirig.
When it comes to andflmsg, please check out this post:

The support for Digirig was recently added to this app, but if it is not published yet then you’ll need to download pre-release version.

KOTX, is there a link to this app?


Yes, please click on “early access and discussion” next to the app name in the linked thread.

Thank you K0TX.

Won’t open once downloaded. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QuPKpWF7YzfaCnC0D2SymB9S50HQYlaD/view

But thx.

Here’s the binary the author shared with me earlier. I don’t know if the changes were wrapped into the release in the marketplace.


BTW: you don’t really open the file. It’s an Android binary. It needs to be side-loaded on the phone or tablet.

Got it. I will click and drag onto the micro SD.

By the way, thank you for your help!

I am part of a small group of hams all trying to reduce our weight and footprint on our field comms. Here is a link to what we are doing and our progress.

73 & God Bless,

JohnyMac KC1FWU

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Well I had the time to down load beta V1.6 AndFlmsg and my tablet & G90 plays well together. Yes 'er eee- bob it worked. There are few glitches here and there but you just have to work through 'em.

Of course, I had to work out speaker and microphone settings in the tablet. I also found out through trial & error that you have to turn on in a sequence of events: Radio > Tablet > AndFlmsg. No other sequence seems works. When you close AndFLmsg the tablets volume goes back to zero. So when you open it up again you have to go back and move volume to 50%.

I am going to put up on my site the Xiegu G90 Android Tablet cheat sheet later this week for other folks. I will post a link here, again later this week.

Thank you K0TX. You rock!

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