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ok, I want to use my Android Phone connected to FT3D. Is there an application like flmsg which will support the uart drivers for RTS? Or basically have to use VOX ?

Android devices perfectly suitable for the portable operations thanks to their small size, weight and long battery life. Digirig exposes a standard playback and recording devices recognized by Android and together with radio’s VOX feature it can be used with any app.

There is a growing list of amateur radio apps with the support of better PTT by RTS method offered by Digirig. Please check out following projects:

Please let me know if your favorite android app could benefit from support of Digirig and I’ll reach out to the developers.

I’ll be editing this post as new entries are added.

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Add WoAD to the list for WinLink (discussion)

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+1 Digirig support for Woad would be awesome!

It is implemented. Please see the link to discussion in the previous post.
I’ll add WoAD to the list in the first post.

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Surprised this isn’t on the list already, APRSDroid. Has good compatibility with the DigiRig except for the fact that there’s not an option that I can find to have it engage the RTS signal.

I’ve contacted the author. You are welcome to chime in too:

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Will do, honestly, looking at the code, I might be able to fork it, make the addition and submit a PR for this. Whether he will accept it, dunno. Any resources to direct me to on getting down the right track for implementing this(in terms of what RTS is and how to call it from the android OS)?

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Even if your pull request is not accepted, your repo fork and binary will stand on their own.
The software listed in the first post have RTS support implemented. You can look at those and/or contact developers for the implementation details.

RadioMsg app from VK2ETA is a new favorite of mine. He wrote andFlmsg and andPskmail as well. RadioMsg uses Usb RTS through a Digirig…

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APRSdroid has a fork with RTS PTT, but no releases.

Anyone tried compiling this Swissman1 fork?

SSTV encoder is free on the app store and works pretty well. RTS PTT would be pretty nice feature if you can convince him to add it.

I found a different APRSdroid fork for RTS that has some work done on it.

I grabbed it and tried to make into an APK but ran into some errors. I left a note for the dev in the issue request that Denis started and linked to above.