Digirig V1.6 need to reconfigure for Elecraft KX2

I have a early Digirig V1.6 which was bought to use originally with a Yaesu FT-817ND. I understand this one may be configured for Logic-Levels. I have an Elecraft KX2 and want to set Digirig V1.6 up for RS-232 for the Elecraft KX2 as a backup. The solder tabs are as in the picture, nothing jumpered, but the soldder tabs are in a different orientation and only 2 rows of 3 instead of 3 rows of 3 solder tabs.
Any help appreciated.
73 Matt NA1Q

A better picture of the back of the board. V1.6

@NA1Q good morning! I think @K0TX will have the exact answer for this.

73 Constrainted

Matthew, you should be able to reconfigure your Digirig for RS-232.
Cut existing connections to CMOS side and make new connections to RS-232 side.


Thank You Denis, I wasn’t exactly sure which ones got solder jumpers. 73 Matt NA1Q

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