Macbook Pro USB, Elecraft KX3 logic levels surgery?


Wanted to ask this before I pull out the x-acto and soldering iron…

I got my DR from Amazon in what I believe is the “default” logic levels config. Could you confirm that in order to work with my radio I will need to follow the instructions for converting to “rs-232” configuration? (ref: Digirig V1.6 need to reconfigure for Elecraft KX2,

Thank you and 73

I think @K0TX will comment, but unless you bought your Digirig over a year ago, your version is 1.9. In that case, the instructions and explanations for the conversion from logic to CI-V is explained in Digirig Mobile Rev 1.9 – digirig

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Thx for your kind clarification. The section, " Duplex serial CAT with RS-232 levels" seems to address this. I will await a possible @K0TX reply.

Yes, Digirig’s on Amazon are in default (logic levels) configuration and yes, you’ll need it in RS-232 for serial CAT control of Elecraft KX. You can use it without modifications for audio and PTT now.

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Thank you for the clarification! 73.