Digrig on Yaseu FT991

I’m starting this thread over. It ended up on a FT891 thread after I asked a question about how someone was successful getting an FT891 to work with the Digrig.

This is an unusual situation since the FT991 has a USB port that serves as both CAT, sound card and audio port. Unfortunately, some time ago I lost that port when I believe that I was hit with a lightning strike.

So I decided to try the Digrig with the FT991 using the other existing ports (RS232 and RTTY/Data ports). The RS232 port works fine with a direct cable to my computer for CAT and PTT (but couldn’t get CAT to work through the Digrig with the RS232 cable). Now trying to just use it for the audio input/output with FT8. It works fine with a Signalink and a cable for my FT857 rig, so I know the output/inputs are okay.

The confusing thing is by trial and error settings I had it receiving and PTT was working. I got it to transmit twice and then the audio went out. I’ve had this problem before on 40 meters due to RF feedback with the Signalink. It locks up the audio on my computer. By rebooting the computer I can get it back and if I keep my power output low enough I can prevent it from reoccurring on the Signalink.

However, now I can’t get either input or output to work through the Digrig. I’m trying it with FT8 settings and rig settings but can’t find a combination that works again.

Let’s separate troubleshoot things separately: (1) audio in, (2) audio out, (3) PTT by RST and then serial (4) CAT control.

1: Using WSJT-X do you receive the audio from transceiver? You can enable “listen” on Digirig’s recording device and monitor the audio over computer’s speakers. If you need more info on getting this working, please check getting started and troubleshooting guides.

Making progress. I normally use FT8 with my other rig, on my a Desktop computer. I was trying to set up Digrig on my Laptop. Switched FT991 back to desktop and the audio portion now working. Probably have a hardware or set up problem with laptop because the FT8 and FT991 setting were not changed.

Still can’t get the RS232 connection to work through the Digrig. Direct cable works fine. Digrig indicates it can’t read frequency.

Thanks for the update, now let’s move to items 2 & 3. In WSJT-X set rig profile to “NONE” for now and PTT to RTS over Digirig’s COM port. Are you able to key up the radio with Test PTT?

If you do, then try Tune feature in the main window. Do you get power on the air?