DR-891 or cables for FT-891

I am planning on purchasing a FT-891.

I currently use a Linux laptop to run WSJTX mostly for FT8 and Pat winlink with a VARA modem for winlink email.

I have a digirig mobile sitting on the shelf and I was planning on just purchasing the cable for the FT891. I then saw the DR-891.

Is there an advantage on getting the DR891?


I don’t own an FT-891, but I don’t want your question to go too long unanswered.

Yes. See Digirig DR-891 – digirig, particularly:

Supports complete connectivity of your Yaesu FT-891 (audio, PTT, CAT) over a single USB connection

Be aware, it seems to be a special order item for now. Maybe Alpha and beta testers will comment.

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Thanks for the information. If I am understanding this correctly the advantage is using one USB port instead of two on the computer. Since with a Digirig mobile you would use one port for the Digirig and one for the USB cable from the computer to the FT891.


I just purchased a DR-891. I’ve been using a regular digirig sound card with my Yaesu 891 and the regular one has been working flawlessly. It has two connections to the computer. So, when I saw the DR-891 come out I thought it would be great to eliminate one of connections, a great advantage for field operations. I’ve been unable to get my new DR-891 to work with the rig. On TX the transmit light on the radio comes on but I am getting no power out. The power meter on the radio is flat. I’ve been trying to get it to work for several weeks now but to no avail.
Don’t let this discourage you from purchasing one. I’ve haven’t heard if anyone else has had problems and this is probably unique to me. I thought I would share.

Are you getting audio from the DR-891 to the radio?

The Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig will give you a step-by-step approach.

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No. I’m getting audio from the radio through the DR-891 to the computer, but not the other way around.

Right, so please check the audio settings in your application and in the Windows operating system. You can use mmsys.cpl in a command prompt. Also check the permissions on the audio devices. You are very close to success!

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Thank you. I checked the audio settings and they are the same as with my regular digirig. The DR-891 should work with the same settings unless I missing something. I am receiving and decoding with the DR-891 just not getting any signal out with JS8Call. I don’t know about checking permissions. If you would explain. Thanks for your help. It would be great to get it working.

If nothing else works with the audio output, please PM me for RMA/exchange.

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The audio devices may have a different name from one Digirig to the next. Check mmsys.cpl to make sure the devices are not turned off.

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Denis, Thank you. I will. I am going to take another look at it and double check a few things.

Thank you and yes they do have a slightly different name. I will check messy.cpl to see and make sure they aren’t turned off. Thanks again.

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