FLRig, WJST, & G90 Windows 10

Equipment: G90, FLRIG, WJST, and DidiRig. Read, watched, connected the cables, configured the port, and denoted the proper defaults, yet no cigar. Perhaps someone can point me to the source(s) of the problem(s); it acts like it’s doing something, but so far, no cigar

Please provide the details of the issue.
At what point in the getting started guide your results became different from what is described?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, Denis. Since it is not my first rodeo, I’ve followed each step methodically. As a result, I’m stymie!
Last night did a test for tones, nada. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Ok, you mentioned “tones” so I’m going to assume this has to do with audio. Are you not able to receive audio from radio to computer or get audio from computer to radio?

No, not at all!

Do you not get audio from radio, to radio or neither?

I followed every step as outlined with Ernie Tech, yet nothing. Moreover, while playing the youtube video, my listening speaker goes off when I switch over to record. Do you think this can be the culprit?

Marc, sorry I don’t know what “Ernie Tech” or “switch over to record” mean.
Let’s start over. Digirig facilitates these functions:

  1. audio from radio to computer
  2. audio from computer to radio
  3. PTT control
  4. serial CAT control

Please give me the numbers of the functions that do not work for you.

image.pngHere are screenshots; perhaps you can point out my mistakes. I appreciate your help.



Marc, please refer to my previous message.

Please accept my apologies for the repeated questions, Denis. I’m uncertain about how to verify the steps you’ve provided. In the meantime, I have a tone from the Audio port into my headset.
I’m looking forward to your reply.

ok, let’s adjust few things first. From your screenshots it looks like you reassigned the system defaults from Digirig, but not communication defaults. Also, let’s not start with flrig, instead let’s first make sure things work with WSJT-X directly. Give that a try and let me know what results you get. Additional suggestions for G90 can be found in these posts.

Windows assigns recently added sound card as a Default Device and Default Communication Device. This designation should be moved from Digirig back to the computer’s regular microphone and speakers so the unrelated audio doesn’t end up on the air.

Simplify and isolate : when something doesn’t work, try narrowing down your experimentation scope to a single concern. Don’t attempt debugging the hardware while also trying to configure a dozen configuration screens you have never seen before. Disconnect any non-essential hardware (amps, tuners etc.) from your transceiver and start with the most generic software package. My go-to choice is WSJT-X configured to directly control the radio.

Tried WJST no cigar. Also please clarify which devices in playback/record should be denoted as “default device” “default communication device”

The screenshots refers to flrig as the source for CAT control. Let’s try direct configuration with WSJT-X not involving flrig in any way.

what should I use for “RIG”

We can start with none to get audio and PTT working first. Later, after you can get some QSOs with the basic configuration, this should be Xiegu G90 or if that is not available then ICOM IC-756PRO.

PTT must be set to RTS over Digirig’s COM port. Make sure audio settings are pointing to Digirig and computer’s clock is accurate down to a second.

Unfortunately, I am not having any success :thinking:
Would you consider a phone consultation? I’ll pay for your time, advise

I’m travelling internationally and will not be available until Jul 25th.

When reporting issue please provide accurate description of what you attempted and what results you got (e.g. error messages, response from the radio etc.). “Not having any success would” imply that Digirig was never detected by your computer which we know is not the case.

Please share the screenshot of the audio tab in WSJT-X settings. Also please specify your G90’s firmware revision and transceiver settings.

  1. I heard a sound from the digirig audio. The digirig is performing correctly. I assume?

  2. Version Base:V1 .79 Nov 25., 2022 App: V1 .79 Oct 11 2022

  3. image.pngimage.png

  4. AUX in volume 8

  5. AUX out volume 10

  6. Mic Gain 15

  7. Input Line

  8. Network Timing Synchronization operating correctly.

  1. I see communication defaults still set to Digirig. There should be no green checkboxes on Digirig components.

  2. Before we deal with CAT control let’s get everything else working. Please set rig to “none” and test PTT. Let me know if you get the transmit.