FT-891 data cable

Hello everyone. Sorry for the long post, but wanted to give as much info as possible. I have a digirig mobile which I use with my Xiego G-90 with no problems. The connection is via the G-90 cable package. I have lent the digirig to my friend who wants to see if it will work with his Yeasu FT-891. I noted on the forum that the FT-891 uses the USB port on the back of the radio for CAT control and uses the data port for connection to the digirig audio port. The cable package for the FT-8xxx was purchased and I found that attempting to connect the 6 pin DIN cable to the radio is very tight and I am not sure that the pins are making contact with the sockets. Is this normal? I checked the description of the cable package and the cable supplied should be the 1200 BAUD version, which is what the radio requires. We are attempting to connect to a Windows 10 laptop and are still trying to get the proper drivers installed. Thanks for any help!

The tight connection is not normal. Please make sure you plug 6 pin connector (one with the little plastic tab) into the matching 6 pin port (one adjacent to the USB connector). Please also inspect the connector to make sure none of the pins are bent out of shape.

More info on connecting and configuring FT-891 can be found in this post:

Thanks for the reply. I had read the reference you mentioned and thought the cable was the right one. It is a 6 pin with the tab. I did double check that I was plugging into the correct port. I may try making up my own cable for him. I may have received the 9600 baud cable instead of the 1200 baud one. 73, KT1OK

9600 cables have green molding. 1200 cable is all black. Let me know if you need to exchange.

Good afternoon Denis,

The cable was all black and was a 6 pin connector. The green cable had the 8 pin mini DIN connector.
I will be visiting my friend tomorrow and will inspect the pins. Thanks for getting back to me. Regards, Don Dygert KT1OK

All black is the right audio cable.
MiniDin8 cable (green on the other end) is not used in this configuration.
Please keep us posted on your progress.

Good afternoon. I was able to insert the plug into the jack. It is a very tight fit, but went in smoothly. Was able to connect FLdigi to the radio. Thanks for the help and advise! 73, Don Dygert

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