Cables for Yaesu FT-891

Unlike other transceivers in FT-8xx lineup, Yaesu FT-891 does not expose the serial interface lines and instead implements serial CAT internally via its own USB connection.

Only the cable with MiniDin6 connector is needed on the transceiver side. Plugged into Digirig’s audio port it takes care of minimum feature set required for digital modes: audio and PTT. The PTT switch is controlled via the RTS signal of Digirig’s COM port.

The cable is available as part of Yaesu FT-8xx cables kit.

If optional serial CAT control is desired, it can be added via the direct USB connection between the transceiver and computer:

Because Digirig’s serial interface is not used for data transfer in this arrangement, the interface can be in any configuration. More information on configurations can be found here.

Transceiver settings information and connector pinouts can be found in the advanced user manual.


I have a stupid question. In the diagram you have two cables, one of which is the usb A-B which is not used with the DigiRig. That leaves one. In the link for the kit there are two cables so I’m confused. Which cables do you need for the 891? You say only the MiniDin6 connector is needed but the kit has two.


The kit is for all Yaesu FT-8xx transceivers. All of the models in this family except for FT-891 use two cables: one for audio/PTT, another for serial CAT control. The serial CAT control in FT-891 is implemented differently so the 8 pin MiniDin CAT control cable is not used with this model.

I don’t have a separate listing for MiniDin6 cable but if prefer to only order one cable, you can order 9600 baud cable and leave a note that you want 1200 baud pinout cable for FT-891 instead. Don’t forget to leave a note though: if not swapped the 9600 cable will not work for FT-891. That’s another quirk of that transceiver.

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TY much great info!!!

Ham Radio Made Simple youtube channel shows FT-891 settings for Digital modes:

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A Yaesu FT-891 mobile setup demo with Digirig including the explanation of the specifics of this transceiver model.

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Another great video tutorial for FT-891

And one more video dedicated to FT-891:

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A small batch of early access units of DR-891 is now available in store. They use the enclosures from Digirig Mobile so rely on the pink USB connector to tell them apart.

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Congratulations Denis @K0TX for this innovation to accomodate the popular but quirky Yaesu FT-891.

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This thread, Cables for Yaesu FT-891, is the most viewed thread in the Forum, with 9.1K views to date, 6/16/24. That is a good indication of the popularity of this radio and the desire to use it for soundcard digital modes.

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Yeah, the situation with two USB port connections required for full-featured interfacing of FT-891 bothered me all this time.

Hi there. I purchased the Digirig from you and just one mini din cable. I had two in the cart but you contacted me and said I need just one. :slightly_smiling_face:. I have been very frustrated as I cannot get either my windows 10 computer nor my raspberry pi to recognize the rig. I’ve really tried watching 10-15 video tutorials on how to do it. What procedure should I do to make this work with my Ft 891? I mainly want instructions on getting the Pi to work for SOTA.

Thank you again,

Dennis KG6B

@Dennis_Santos I started a new topic:

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