FT 891Menu and WSJTX settings with Digirig

Hi Fellow Practitioners!

My FT 991A spoiled me with easy configuration. I have bought an FT 891 for portable and a Digirig, have watched at least 10 different youtube videos…And looked on Digirig.net

My rig is locking on transmit before I get an opportunity to finish setting up. It appears to be a Digirig configuration setting, but I am not sure. Anyone else have this issue?
I bought the cables and am using the black one as suggested. Help appreciated!

The configuration with Digirig is pretty much the same as with radios featuring the internal interface - you get the sound card and a serial port. Digirig offers additional PTT methods.

The issue you are experiencing may have to do with RFI. See “sticky PTT” section of the troubleshooting guide for diagnostics and solutions.

another thing to look at if you’re ‘setting up’ and the radio starts to tx:

flow control on/off
should be off

with the digirig, the rts line can be used to ptt the radio so rts and dtr shouldn’t be ‘on’ in any software.

so if in wsjt-x, for instance, you’re setting up radio config and select flow control or set rts on/high, it could be keying the radio depending on the cable from the digirig.
audio port on the digirig has a ptt toggle tied to the rts line.

good luck

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TRS signal of the serial port in Digirig Mobile is used for the hardware PTT triggering. However Digirig DR-891 doesn’t have its own serial port and instead connects to radio’s USB port for serial connection. Hardware flow control is not going to be a factor for PTT in this scenario.

i saw digirig and didn’t even think of the digirig 891 (sweetness)

sorry 'bout that

No worries, thank you for your participation in the community!

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Thank you all for the courtesy and prompt responses! I want to have digital available on Portable and it seemed the simplest to pack without spending too much on a QRP radio. I will decipher all of your comments and review the troubleshooting steps before preceding and will give you guys a ping on this thread when I finally get it going…Best…John(Chris) KQ4KRO

KOTX I saw mention where you have a diagram in another thread for the 891 although I could not find it. Could you share? Also I have watched numerous videos and all of these guys are doing something a little difference. I decided to go back to factory reset and start over.
Any additional advise or pointers appreciated. Best…John(Chris) KQ4KRO

If you are inquiring about Digirig Mobile, the schematic for rev 1.9 is available at the end of this post:

If your question is about recently released DR-891 then please keep an eye out for the post with the detailed description and schematic a bit later. I’m happy to answer any questions meanwhile.

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I have reset my FT and will start from scratch this week. Thanks so much

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Here’s the schematic for the reference:

digirig-dr891-1_1.pdf (237.1 KB)

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Hi All, I had it running for just a bit.

I can hear the audio through my transceiver speaker and it appears to be listening, but it does not seem to be decoding completely. Any thoughts?

I am no expert, but I do not want your question to go too long without a response. I set the background volume level on the left hand side of the WSJT-x display to be about 50%, and the power level on the right-hand side at about 3/4.

When that is set I get decodes if conditions on 40m, 30m, 20m are good. I have a high background noise level, but FT8 and JT8 can usually overcome that. If propagation conditions are not good , I do not get decodes even if I can hear the signals and see them on the waterfall. That does not make sense to me, but I’ve seen it three times with JT8 recently. Solar weather high G-levels, high D-band absorption seem to correlate with decode failure.

73 Constrainted

Make sure your computer’s clock is accurate down to one second.
FT-8 doesn’t work if the time is out of sync and your computer tries to decode the audio starting from the middle of the message.

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Aha! Even though I use ntsd for time sync, I will remember to check the time when I am not getting decodes!!! Thanks.

73 Constrainted

I spoke to a friend who is a heavy digital user and he went right to the clock and we are cooking. Thx to you all! I am now on FT 8 and will begin to try them all over time.

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