FT8CN Android app with Yaesu FT-857D

Just bought the Digirig mobile and cables.
Has anyone used the FT8CN Android app with their 857/817?

Just tried it with my Samsung note 10, X5105 and Digirig and it works well.
Tom - n2tcp

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Thanks for reporting this good news. That encourages me to try out that Android app…less power than a laptop.

73 Constrainted

Looks like this is an old thread, but since it’s been bumped, I’ll add on:

Slightly different hardware, but I can confirm FT8CN is working for me with Digirig to my Yaesu FT-897D.

I’ve found success with FT8CN on:

  • Yaesu FT-897D
  • Xeigu G90
  • Xeigu GSOC (bluetooth CAT)

For all three, I’ve used both:

  • Google Pixel 4a 5G smartphone
  • Amazon Fire tablet
    each pairing working flawlessly with FT8CN and Digirig.

Yup, got it working no issues.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A
OTG adapter (USB-C to USB-A)

RTS rig control rather than CAT.

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