Hardwire in parallel with Microphone contacts - Alinco DX-70

I use an Alinco DX-70 radio. I will be getting a digirig and proper cable for Christmas. In order to attach the cable to the Alinco, I have to remove the detachable front controls. Alinco did not design this to be removed often. Fragile looking wires abound.

I am hoping to make a homebrew setup with both the microphone and the digirig connected (at the same time). I would not be talking with the digirig connected. I just don’t want to have to swap the cables everytime I switch from analog to digital.

Can this work or will it kill the digirig and/or my radio?

Stuart - KQ4KIH

That sounds like an interesting project! I do not own that radio, but there are others on this forum who do:

You may also be able to find operators who have used that connection to set up hands free or remote operation who have experience with the ruggedness.

73 Constrainted

I’m using the MFJ-1260 to switch between mic and Digirig.

Yes, take care with the DX-70 front connections.


That looks like a good solution. I probably will not get one because not long after buying the digirig, I found a most AMAZING deal on Facebook Marketplace. I bought a Kenwood TS-450S with a PS-33 power supply, a Kenwood TS-520, and a new, never unrolled EFHW antenna (80 to 10 meters), all for $200.00. Everything works perfectly so the Alinco dx70 will now be incorporated into a portable setup for voice only.
I bought the cables for the Kenwood TS-450S and the digirig works great with it, and no need to use the microphone port as the 450 has inputs for cat control. It works perfectly.

Thanks for making me aware this is available, who knows, I may need it one day for future projects.