Alinco DX-70 Cable

Which pre-made 8-pin round cable is available for the Alinco DX-70 hf xcvr? DIY cable?

At this time there is no pre-made cable for Alinco DX-70, but if there is enough interest I’ll add it to the repertoire. Please signup to email updates on the homepage to receive notifications about new items added to store.

I found this pinout for the mic connector (pins view side on the radio’s male connector or solder view side on the cable’s female connector). From the looks of it appears to be GX16-8F

Alicno Wiring Diagram

Based on it, Digirig audio cable will look like this:

GX16-8F pin 1 (MIC) → Male 3.5mm TRRS ring1 (RIG_AFIN)
GX16-8F pin 2 (PTT) → Male 3.5mm TRRS ring2 (PTT)
GX16-8F pin 6 (SPK) → Male 3.5mm TRRS tip (RIG_AFOUT)
GX16-8F pin 7 & 8 (GND) → Male 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (GND)

I’m ordering the connectors and will whip a prototype, please PM if you would like to give it a try.

From some of the ebay listings for mics/cables it appears that the same pinout is used in “virtually all Alinco, Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu radios that an 8-pin round type microphone jack”. This could be a viable option for those models that don’t have an accessory port.

Make Model
ADI AR-146
ADI AR-147
ADI AR-446
Alinco ALD-24T
Alinco ALR-22HT
Alinco ALR-22T
Alinco ALR-72T
Alinco DR-03T
Alinco DR-06T
Alinco DR-110T
Alinco DR-112T
Alinco DR-130T
Alinco DR-135E
Alinco DR-135T
Alinco DR-135LH
Alinco DR-150
Alinco DR-235T
Alinco DR-430T
Alinco DR-435E
Alinco DR-435T
Alinco DR-510T
Alinco DR-570T
Alinco DR-590T
Alinco DR-592T
Alinco DR-599T
Alinco DR-600T
Alinco DR-610E
Alinco DR-610T
Alinco DR-620E
Alinco DR-620T
Alinco DR-635
Alinco DR-638HE
Alinco DR-1200
Alinco DR-M03R
Alinco DR-M06R
Alinco DX-70
Alinco DX-70EH
Alinco DX-70T
Alinco DX-70TH
Alinco DX-77
Alinco DX-SR8T
Alinco DX-SR8E
Alinco DX-SR9
Azden PCS 5000
Azden PCS 6000
Azden PCS 7000
Elecraft K2
Elecraft K3
Elecraft K3/0-Mini
Elecraft K3/S
Elecraft FLEX-5000
Kenwood TM-201
Kenwood TM-211
Kenwood TM-221
Kenwood TM-231
Kenwood TM-241
Kenwood TM-321
Kenwood TM-331
Kenwood TM-401
Kenwood TM-421
Kenwood TM-431
Kenwood TM-441
Kenwood TM-521
Kenwood TM-531
Kenwood TM-541
Kenwood TM-621
Kenwood TM-631
Kenwood TM-701
Kenwood TM-721
Kenwood TM-731
Kenwood TM-2530
Kenwood TM-2550
Kenwood TM-2570
Kenwood TM-3530
Kenwood TR-50
Kenwood TR-751
Kenwood TR-851
Kenwood TS-50
Kenwood TS-590SG
Kenwood TS-660
Kenwood TS-670
Kenwood TS-680S
Kenwood TS-690
Kenwood TS-701
Kenwood TS-711
Kenwood TS-780
Kenwood TS-790
Kenwood TS-811
Kenwood TS-850
Kenwood TS-870
Kenwood TS-930
Kenwood TS-940
Kenwood TS-950
Kenwood TS-990
Kenwood TS-2000
Kenwood TS-2000X
Kenwood TW-4000
Kenwood TW-4100
Radio Shack HTX-100
Retevis SGC-2020
Ten-Tec Argonaut VI
Ten-Tec Eagle
Ten-Tec Omni VII
Ten-Tec Orion II
Kenwood TS-60
Kenwood TS-140S
Kenwood TS-430
Kenwood TS-440
Kenwood TS-440SAT
Kenwood TS-450
Kenwood TS-570
Kenwood TS-570D
Kenwood TS-570DG
Kenwood TS-570S
Kenwood TS-570SG
Kenwood TS-590S

Not compatible
(Same connection, different pinout)

Make Model
Icom IC-22U
Icom IC-25
Icom IC-27
Icom IC-28
Icom IC-37A
Icom IC-38A
Icom IC-375
Icom IC-45
Icom IC-47
Icom IC-48
Icom IC-78
Icom IC-228
Icom IC-229
Icom IC-251A
Icom IC-251E
Icom IC-255
Icom IC-260
Icom IC-271
Icom IC-275A
Icom IC-290
Icom IC-471
Icom IC-475
Icom IC-490
Icom IC-505
Icom IC-551
Icom IC-560
Icom IC-575A
Icom IC-575H
Icom IC-707
Icom IC-718
Icom IC-720
Icom IC-725
Icom IC-726
Icom IC-728
Icom IC-729
Icom IC-730
Icom IC-735
Icom IC-736
Icom IC-737
Icom IC-738
Icom IC-740
Icom IC-745
Icom IC-746
Icom IC-746PRO
Icom IC-751
Icom IC-756
Icom IC-756PRO
Icom IC-756PROII
Icom IC-761
Icom IC-765
Icom IC-775
Icom IC-775DSP
Icom IC-781
Icom IC-820H
Icom IC-821H
Icom IC-901
Icom IC-910H
Icom IC-970
Icom IC-1201
Icom IC-1271
Icom IC-1275
Icom IC-2400
Icom IC-2500
Icom IC-3200
Icom IC-3210
Icom IC-3220
Icom IC-3230
Icom IC-7200
Icom IC-7300
Icom IC-7400
Icom IC-7410
Icom IC-7600
Icom IC-7610
Icom IC-7700
Icom IC-7800
Icom IC-9100
Icom IC-9700
Yaesu FT-1
Yaesu FT-80C
Yaesu FT-102
Yaesu FT-107
Yaesu FT-107M
Yaesu FT-290
Yaesu FT-707
Yaesu FT-726R
Yaesu FT-736
Yaesu FT-736R
Yaesu FT-747
Yaesu FT-757
Yaesu FT-757GX
Yaesu FT-767GX
Yaesu FT-840
Yaesu FT-848
Yaesu FT-890
Yaesu FT-921
Yaesu FT-951
Yaesu FT-980
Yaesu FT-990
Yaesu FT-1000
Yaesu FT-1000D
Yaesu FT-1000MP
Yaesu FT-1000MPMKV
Yaesu FT-1000MPMKVF
Yaesu FT-2001
Yaesu FT-2200
Yaesu FT-5100
Yaesu FT-DX101D
Yaesu FT-DX1201
Yaesu FT-DX3001
Yaesu FT-DX5001
Yaesu FT-DX5000D
Yaesu FT-DX5000MP
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I received a Digirig for Christmas and have several Alinco radios. I am interested if you do make the cable setup.

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Got a confirmation from Bernie KB1DGY that the cable with the above pinout worked with Alinco DX-70. Please be on the lookout for the availability announcement in the mailing list.

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I would LOVE a cable for my DX 70!

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I am looking forward to this cable coming out!

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This cable is now available in store:

Thank you, this is probably the one that I am waiting for to use the digirig for Echolink node on my old Kenwood TM-201A.

But, do we need a connection to the speaker behind the radio?

Pin 6 is for receive audio and connected on the Digirig side.
You can refer to radio’s manual to confirm that the audio output is available on the Mic connector.
If it turns out that many radios don’t have that, I’ll add another cable with the additional headphone TRS connector.

I got a report that this cable doesn’t work with Icom IC-756PRO2.
Upon inspection the pinout for the mic connector is indeed different:

This cable was confirmed on Alinco DX-70 and I copied the entire compatibility list of the mic that had Alinco DX-70 in it among others (see my first post in the thread). It appears that the list needs to be revisited.

I’ll be looking into this further, but if you already got the cable from the first batch for the purpose of using it with ICOM, please let me know. The pinout for other brands needs to be re-checked.

There is now a new cable listing for ICOM’s GX16 Mic pinout (pin 7 grounded) and using headphones plug:

Please email me if you previously ordered Alinco version of GX16 cable with the plan to use it with ICOM.

Did you have to use a separate audio cable for the DX 70? If not I am interested in how. I bought the new cable but cannot seem to get it to work. I’m interested in your settings for WSJTX and getting VARA to work also.

The cable supplied for the DX-70 is all that’s needed.

It’s the settings in Windows and the app, e.g. Winlink, VARA HF, etc. that are critical.

Recommend reviewing:

That’s what I used.

Also, suggest joining “digitalradio” in for more specific Q/A regarding the specific application.

There is now a variant of this cable available with audio pulled from the separate 3.5mm socket (speaker/headphones):

Select second option:

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Digirig keys up Icom IC-25H

So if I’m following correctly, the Icom 8 pin round jack with 3.5 mm audio jack has not been made available yet. I can order a generic 8 pin to RJ 45 cable somewhere and then build a crossover RJ 45 cable to get the pins in order if this is still on hold. I have verified that the Digirig will key and deliver audio to the Icom 25H. This is not trivial as I have two other interfaces that will not key the radio. The only interface I have been able to key up with is a Buxcomm (no longer produced). I have not tried the Signalink, but I think it might. I have some sound card issues, so knowing the Digirig soundcard produces a strong audio is reassuring.
Here is a pic of my test bench with the mess of cables and jumpers used to test the Digirig on the Icom 25H which is the 50 watt version of the IC-25A. If you look at the mic jack on the radio and label the pins A through G clockwise starting at the 1 oclock position, I used:
Audio GND A
Mic Audio G

Obviously triple check this on your cable because documentation for the IC-25 is not as common as some rigs.

Happy to purchase a prototype if you have it and report back.


This is timely! @vwstuart is setting out to wrangle cables to be able to connect the Digirig and maintain the mic connection for the Alinco DX-70:

Any ideas for them?

73 Constrainted

Alinco (and others) has a mic extension cable to give more room to work . At some point there will need to be a mic splitter and a quick internet search reveals none of this type. So likely some custom cable builds, gender changers, converting back and forth to RJ45, etc. To buy it all would probably be pushing $100 if you can find all the pieces. 8 pin connectors are not that hard to solder using Cat 5 cable. I split my mic on a Yaesu and got audio complaints from the mic. It seems to work fine on my Kenwood and Icom. Maybe reconsider just putting the mic extension on and plugging in one at a time. Here are some pieces I put together to get my Ten Tec Scout to run digital. Notice the RJ45 splitter and gender changer in the middle which I use for different situations.

Good luck.

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That is some hard won experience @MrMagumba which should really help out @vwstuart !

73 Constrainted

Question about using this with an Alinco DR-150. The 150 has a 2.5mm 9600 baud packet jack. (pg. 63 of the user’s manual: Do you know if connecting through the 9600 baud jack would allow me to use VARA FM wide? Would I need to rewire the cable to route the receive audio from the ring on the 2.5mm jack to ring 2 on the 3.5mm jack to the Digirig (instead of receive audio coming from pin 6 from the GX16 mic connector)? Thanks very much for any thoughts.

Started new topic:

73 Constrainted