How are owners of FT-857 setting up their configurations?

I am trying to set up DigiRig for use with an FT-857. I can successfully set up the DigiRig to be accessed by FLRig 1.4.5 to the extent of using FLRig to change frequency, change bands, change mode (USB/LSB/etc.). However when it comes to having JS8Call or FLDigi then connect to FLRig, I am constantly running into various errors. One of those errors is that even though I am trying to connect to JS8Call to FLRig, JS8Call is demanding a link to HamLib even though HamLib is not being indicated (FLRig-FLRig is what is selected in JS8Call) and thus says it can’t connect to the radio (even though FLRig is connected). When running FLDigi, while FLDigi does put the radio into transmit mode, no RF signal is actually generated even though I think I have specified the proper audio connections.

So what I’m looking for is someone who has successfully set up DigiRig with an FT-857 and can share the various configurations that were successful. I am running under 2 types of OS, Win7 & Win10. Success in either one would give me a big boost up.

Please check out this this video for setting your radio for digital modes:

Here are the relevant posts for your transceiver in this forum:

Many settings are similar to FT817/818:

Keep in mind that if you allow flrig to access the serial port then nothing else will be able to talk to that port and that includes the PTT by RTS option directly from the digital modes app. You can use PTT via CAT in this case.

Thank you, I watched the video and also checked out the other links.

As I mentioned I am using FLRig connected to the radio and most of the features of that program seem to work except for actually having the radio transmit. I can change frequency, band, mode, etc… Because of this I am assuming that the DigiRig is functioning for the most part and I have all detailed connections such as speed, stop bits, DTR, etc set correctly. The only issue I have is that when I actually send a signal to the radio, while the radio does go into transmit mode (the TX light turns to red and the internal fan starts up), it doesn’t actually transmit. I am testing this by running FLDigi > FLRig > DigiRig > radio > tuner > antenna.

In looking at the video I noted that I already had almost all of the settings set the way the video wanted. Two settings that weren’t set that way was the Cat Rate which I have set as 4800 in order to match all other settings on the PC and Digital Mode & which I did change to User-U per the video.

I tried to figure out the settings to set with regards to what you said which was to set PTT using the CAT, but I’m not sure I have the settings correct for it. Just using the FLDigi as the primary program I am still in the status of being able to turn the rig’s TX on, but no RF is transmitted.

I’ve attached a PDF of the various setting and configuration screens. Please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide. I’ll continue to research this. I’m sure the problem has to do with a setting or too and I’m simply hampered by my own ignorance.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Thank you.pdf (1.1 MB)

I took pics of the physical setup and the settings on the rig.

The last 3 setups.

There is a lot going on between flrig and fldigi. I would recommend starting out with WSJT-X to get things working and then transition into more intricate setup options.

Regarding your screenshots:
Looks like Digirig is on COM15 and sound card components are configured correctly assuming correct levels are set.

Not sure how this should work. In fldigi you refer to flrig and also directly configure connection from fldigi to the transceiver. Should be either one or the other.

In fldigi’s direct configuration:
Is there not a profile for FT-857 in the list? Digirig uses RTS for PTT so these signals should not be used for hardware flow control.

If you were to use direct configuration for PTT, that should refer Digirig’s COM port and RTS signal. PTT by tone is not something Digirig Mobile supports.


Looks like you are trying to send the user notifications and received audio into Digirig’s playback device. This should be your computer’s speakers if you choose to use this functionality:


This could be the reason you don’t get tones from Digirig. To rule out anything related to the radio you can connect headphones to Digirig’s audio output and monitor the audio as shown here:

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Thank you so much for this guidance! I’ll let you know how I make out.