How UV5R/DigiRig Allstar Node

I am trying to put together an AllstarLink node to link our club’s analog and digital repeaters. I have been able to do this using a Raspberry Pi 2, ARA-1 sound fob and FT-8900. I use the 8900 to talk to the repeater and a HT. I’d like to replace the 8900 with a Baofeng UV5R. Because the UV5R not have a separate COS output, a second interface card is needed.
Is it possible to use the DigiRig as the only interface between the Pi (running AllstarLink) and the UV5R? If so, can someone point to some step by step docs?
A separate question… how hard is it to configure/reconfigure the DigiRig for different radios?
All help appreciated.

This article should definitely help with that. AllScan - How To - Build a High-Quality Full-Duplex AllStar Node for Under $150 No COS input is needed if you use ASL’s usbradio driver, but if you’re connecting repeaters then I would recommend modifying the HT to bring out a hardware COS line.

You would want to configure the digirig to use the CM108 PTT output instead of the serial port RTS line. See COS Connector Use post for details on that.

I already have an ARA-1 board. There are a few UV5R mods that allow the COS to be split out, and then plug into the ARA-1. I was hoping the digirig was a plug and play solution for my situation.
Thanks for the info.