Ic-706mkIIg to Digirig setup and connection?

I have the Digirig Mobile hooked up to A Icom ic-706mkIIg , I cannot get it to talk or do anything (FT-8) have tried Omnirig, FLRIG no connection to any commport? HELP.

That’s frustrating, but that’s where everyone starts! Do you have the correct cables from @K0TX ? Maybe these:

Icom IC-706 cords for Digirig Mobile – digirig

Do you have the device drivers installed? The Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig will point you to the drivers if you need to download them. After that you can use the Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig if you have issues with WSJT-x for FT8.

Let us know your progress.

73 Constrainted

@N6LEE you can also see the other posts about your radio.

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I looked up your orders and couldn’t find Digirig in CI-V configuration. You can still use audio+PTT (13 pin) cable with rig set to “none” in the software. If you intend on using serial CAT control then you’ll need to reconfigure the Digirig you got or get a new pre-configured one.

How can i reconfigure

What A shame I just wasted $38.00

Hang in there man!!!

I am sure @K0TX will respond, but you can reconfigure to CI-V with a knife and a soldering iron:

Digirig Mobile Rev 1.9 – digirig

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Here’s a video on the topic:

So because I bought the cables for the ic-706 Was i wrong and wasted $38.00?

You got the correct cables for your ICOM.

So why do you not help me with the correct cable configuration and want me to buy another correct one! That is bad customer service?

There is nothing to configure in the cables and you don’t need to buy a different cable.

The configuration is applied to the Digirig interface. Please take a moment to study the resources linked in previous posts in this thread. Your understanding of what you purchased will improve your satisfaction with the product and with the customer support you are receiving.

Ok what is the new configuration, I see your responce but tell mow to do it ? Give me details not words

I must be stupid , I have looked at configuration and nothing helps no matter where I look?

I have tried omnirig, fldigi nothing has worked, im asking for help, Im really pissed off

Nothing you have said works

It appears that you are replying via email and may be under impression that this is a private conversation. Please click the link below to visit this discussion on the web to view all the messages in the order they were posted.

Here you will also find the video on the topic of serial port configuration.
If at any point you decide that this it’s something you don’t want to deal with, just let me know and I will arrange return/refund for any unwanted Digirig kit.

You know I like your product but im just asking for help with what I purchased? Why cant you help me ? Im really pissed with your lack off help?

You want to tell me what I bought works, but you will not provide me with info on hook up and configuration, with diagrams? I have downloaded drivers, and it still not works, WHY

@K0TX, Maybe you can email him at n6lee@yahoo.com