Icom 7300 with Digirig

Just checking to see if there is a place I can find all the settings for using Icom7300 and Digirig, I have the cable now, just want to make sure I set it up correctly.

My first choice with IC-7300 would be to use the internal sound card.
Connect the radio directly to computer using the USB cable.


So the cable i have plugs into the 7300 but the other end isnt for a USB, it plugs into the Digirig, Do I plug it into Serial on the Digirig and the Digirig out to the USB on the computer?

The typical configuration does not involve Digirig and Digirig cables.
There is just a single USB cable directly between your radio and computer.

If you want to use Digirig instead of transceiver’s internal interface (uncommon) then you’ll need to connect 13 pin connector to the radio and the other end of it to Digirig’s audio socket. Angled TRS connector goes into CI-V remote socket on the radio and the other end of it into Digirig’s serial socket. To use serial CAT control Digirig will have to be configured for CI-V.

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Ok Denis thanks for all the information!

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The internal sound card on the 7300 works great. No need for the Digirig.

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ok great - thank you!

You do not need a digirig or anything for a IC-7300 All you need is just a standard USB Printer type cable. I use my 7300 with HRD / Fldigi and WSJT-X and only have a single usb cable is all you need just remember to go into the menu and set it to FT8 for all the digital modes.

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