Transceivers that do not require external sound card

I’m regularly getting questions about Digirig cables/configuration for the transceivers that already have soundcard/CAT onboard and do not require any additional hardware for digital modes. The frequently mentioned models are:

  • ICOM IC-705
  • ICOM IC-7100
  • ICOM IC-7200
  • ICOM IC-7300
  • ICOM IC-7600
  • Yaesu FT-991A
  • Yaesu FT-710
  • Yaesu FTDX10
  • Yaesu FTDX3000
  • Xiegu X6100

Please suggest the additions to the list and I’ll maintain it.

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I own a Yaesu FT991 and whilst a lot can be done through the USB connection for audio and CAT control (PSK, FT8/4, SSTV and all those kinds of modes work fine), there is one area where you need an external soundcard modem, VARA FM Wideband. VARA on HF is fine.
This link will explain more Configuring the FT 991A for 9600 bps FM packet · rfrht/FT-991A Wiki · GitHub and much better than me trying to re-explain it all.
I believe this is a similar issue on the ICOM VHF/UHF radios, but I have no details on that, just hearsay.


Hi I would suggest the yaesu ftdx3000 our ft950 which I am having trouble configuring cheers

How to setup ft950 or ftdx3000 using Ubuntu 22.04

I suggest the IC7100.

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While the ICOM IC-7100 has soundcard/CAT on board, its bandwidth in DATA mode is limited and fixed to the default value of 300 Hz to 2700 Hz, which makes it less than ideal for VARA FM WIDE. Would a Digirig and the “9600 baud cable for Yaesu, ICOM, Kenwood” get around that limitation?

Yes, with Digirig you should have access to full bandwidth.