Icom IC-705 & IC-7100 - Why External Audio Interface Would Be Ideal


I read the following post on the forum before posting this:

Transceivers that do not require external sound card

Another ham (AJ6OH) had exactly the same point that I was going to make:

“While the ICOM IC-7100 has soundcard/CAT on board, its bandwidth in DATA mode is limited and fixed to the default value of 300 Hz to 2700 Hz, which makes it less than ideal for VARA FM WIDE. Would a Digirig and the “9600 baud cable for Yaesu, ICOM, Kenwood” get around that limitation?”

I own both an IC-705 and an IC-7100. I’ve been using my IC-7100 with DigiRig, and it works amazingly well. I use it for APRS at 9600 without any issues. The DigiRig is connected directly to the mini-DIN6 interface, and the 7100 is configured with DATA set to 9600.

Unfortunately, the IC-705 doesn’t have a mini-DIN port - so that would pretty much only allow for using the audio in/out for the speaker/mic. I’m not sure if the characteristics of the input/output would be good enough to support the higher data rates, but it’s something I think I would like to try.

While I understand you may not want to mass-produce cables for the few of us interested in this, are there any recommendations on making a cable that would provide optimal compatibility with the DigiRig?

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The manual for IC-7100 shows 9600 baud available in MiniDin6 port:

This means that you should be able to enjoy Wide Vara with the external interface. Digirig can also handle the serial CAT/CI-V control or the internal CI-V control can be used via radio’s USB connection.

Currently there is no single kit that includes 9600 baud audio MiniDin6 cable and CI-V cable.
Audio/PTT cable can be found here: Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood 9600 baud MiniDin6 audio cable for Digirig Mobile – digirig, CI-V cable can be homebrewed or found in 1200 baud ICOM cable kit: Icom IC-706 cords for Digirig Mobile – digirig

As for IC-705, I would expect that either Bluetooth connection handling wider bandwidth audio or there is no access to unfiltered audio through any of the connections.

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