Interface cable for LEIXEN VV-898S

Would like to get/make a cable for this radio.
I have provided the pinout of the connector port on the radio.

Thank you for the pinout info. Please check out this post:

Not looking to program the radio, I want to use it with Winkink.
I use a Signalink on my other VV-898S, but just bought the digirig and want to use it for my mobile Winlink setup.

Then it’s the top part of the pinout only. Please keep us posted on your results.

One article I found claims the Leixen has Rx Audio on the RJ-45 - has anyone tried that?
Also has anyone made a DigiRig cable to program this radio?
UV-898 Mic Pinout
73, Ron N1LSJ

Oh, and this is supposedly the same as the Kenwood RJ-45 pinout (Kenwood may not have the Rx though). I’m surprised that isn’t a stock DigiRig cable?

BTW this French article (use Google Translate) shows how to mod this radio to bring out the squelch and Rx signal for use as a repeater receiver.

73, Ron N1LSJ

There may be a signal labeling issue with the picture. The wiring is obviously correct since the cable works for you. The schematic shows tip of the jack on Digirig’s side of the cable is connected to TX audio which I assume is for audio that will get transmitted (e.g. mic line AKA RIG_AFIN).

The tip in Digirig’s audio socket is RIG_AFOUT: audio output from radio, which from the perspective of interface is audio input. Because of the perspective involved, it can get really messy real quick. That’s why I explicitly prefix the signals with “RIG_”. The same issue is with labeling of the serial ports. Is this RX of the device described or where you wire RX of the device being connected?


I did send this to you in 2022 with ones for ICOM and Yaesu as well. You cleared them at that time. I can relabel if you think it has become an issue. Should be simple.

Can you continuity check your working cable to make sure it matches the schematic?
The labels on the RJ45 side match the labels on the right, but RX/TX appear to be swapped on TRRS connector.

Denis, How about this reworked diagram?

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This checks out. Thank you.

It’s likely not the case with your radio because the cable works, but with some transceivers the sleeve of the headphone jack is not tied to the ground because they use the amp with a bridge-tied load design (More info in Anytone cable thread). In those cases I only connect the tip and leave sleeve unconnected. The ground is already supplied through the mic jack.

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Thanks Denis.