JS8call test PTT on 891 switches from data to SSB

I had everything configured a few months ago, then I put everything in storage.

I pull the radio out, set everything up, and now every time I try to send a CQ/Heartbeat/Test PTT, it switches from data mode to single side band

Any tips?

I’m not familiar enough with FT-891 to know what is the difference. Technically the data modes are using SSB, but let’s try to figure this out.

Do you have both Digirig’s audio cable and direct USB cable from radio to computer connected?
Nothing should be connected to Digirig’s serial port while using FT-891

I’ve tried both. Same result but currently from the digis audio port to the computer

If you are only using Digirig’s audio cable, but not radio’s direct USB cable then select rig=NONE in the CAT configuration section. In every case PTT method should be RTS pointing to Digirig’s COM port.

More information including configuration examples can be found in this discussion: