Kenwood TS-440s

Just got Digirig and hooked it up to the TS-440s. Followed the Getting Started guide and have receive working just fine. PTT does not work, though it does not give an error. Just doesn’t key the rig. I was able to press down the mic button when starting an FT8 session and was able to work the other station provided I manually keyed the mic each time it was my Tx session. Audio was being provided by Digirig and I logged a QSO. Just not too efficient.

From the posts I’ve read here, it seems that the cable I ordered doesn’t actually work with the TS-440s for PTT. So two questions:

  1. If I rewire the cable using a new 13-pin connector and wire PTT to pin 13, does that work for those of you with the 440? (Wish I had known about that before ordering a $29 cable).

  2. If I order the IC-10 kit for the 440s, will CAT work with the Digirig and accomplish the desired setup (meaning it works as it should)? I might rather go this route than rewiring the cable.

Thanks for your help.

Any ideas on my questions?

Does your Kenwood key up when you simulate the PTT from the Digirig’s end of the cable as shown here:

Following the video, when all is connected as it should be set up, using the correct com port (I’m on a Mac), clicking PTT in wsjtx turns the button red but no transmit. Disconnecting the cable (13-pin DIN for TS-450) and shorting the sleeve to the closest ring does not key the rig. Testing the cable from the digirig (not easy to do with the 13-pin DIN) shows infinity between pins 4 and 9 when PTT is not selected and a short when PTT is selected and red.

In the forum discussion with kb3mxy he indicates the need to be connected to pin 13 instead of pin 9. Is this correct?

Receiving FT8 signals and decoding them works just fine. Cannot transmit without me manually pressing the mic button. Not a good solution.