Looking to get digirig for all-star node + id880h

Hello everyone. Looking at the products page and it looks like you guys have a pretty capable product. I’m trying to setup an all-star node connection to my radio and I came across you guys. Would you be able to point me in the right direction as to what device/cables I should get? I am using a raspberry pi 2b for the node and wish to connect my icom id880h to the node for RF. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am being overwhelmed by all the different devices that claim to do just what I need but I feel yours can do the job I seek.

Please check out this post for the cable recommendations:

I can mix-n-match the kit by replacing the unused in your case MiniDin8 cable with TRS cable for CI-V. Just leave a note with your order requesting it.

You’ll also need Digirig in CI-V configuration and USB-C cable.

I have made an order D-9085. What did you mean you can mix and match? Does the digirig come with a cable? I bought a few cables for different radios as it looks like I can configure the digirig for different use cases. I have an ID880h, a yaesu ft100 and a yaesu ftm400xdr. I think I got all the cables I need. Should this work for me?

The Yaesu FT-8xx cable kit has MiniDin6 cable you need, but also MiniDin8 cable that is not used with your radio. What I meant by mix-n-match is that I can replace unneeded MiniDin8 cable with the TRS cable which you can use for the serial CI-V CAT control of your transceiver. I’ll go ahead with that for your order unless you instruct not to.

Hello Denis. I have recieved my order but I am having an issue with the device. I plugged it into my PC and it would not come up with lsusb command. I noticed the case was getting hot and i think there may be an issue. It is the chip that is close to the usb connector. If looking straight at the usb it is the chip on the right.

Top of board.

| |. | |<<< Audio and serial connectors.

   ( Big )

[ ] [ ] << This small chip is hot
| Usb |
| |