More Power than UV5R can give

Rig: UV5R

Mode: Vara FM

Computer: Microcenter $60 Win10

I can hit and send WL messages to one node about 7 miles from me.

Other 2 I can connect, then disconnect. But no message transfer

Did the Vara FM soundcard test in that program. No signal return.

Listened to my output on another rig. Sounds OK.

Tried with my FT70D. Used both with another Win10 laptop.

Guess I need more output RF power…

Got NO SIGNAL back

Better antenna might help more than additional power. If you are using a stock rubber ducky then consider something more capable.

Tried. Connected to a low SWR copper J-Pole.

That’s a good choice. There are also beam antennas if you want more gain with the same power.

I have had issues with reaching these locations low power. In H-Town a lot of buildings have gone up. I was using the Icon 2720 with a SL. But somehow both died. I am thinking of replacing with the FT6000, or use the FT2980. 6000 has the data port. But you do not have cabling for either right now.

FT-6000 cable is back in stock and FT-2980 cable is coming to store soon.

I like TP setup. Any timeline for the 2980 cable?

Likely at some point before the end of the year.