Order Question - Ordered CAT - Default Logic - Received RS-232


Not sure if posting here is the most appropriate place - but on my order - it clearly said CAT - Logic Level - and I received a unit that says RS-232 written in silver ink on the box.

Right now - I have to assume this is a mistake since I didn’t order the RS-232 option and my rig is not one of the ones listed for RS-232.

So, should this unit be RMA’ed so I can get what was actually placed on my order?

John W.

Your order contained Digirig and CAT capable MiniDin10 cable and no other transceiver cables. MiniDin10 cables are used with Yaesu FTM radios with RS-232 serial port. That being your first order I figured the probability is high that you intend to use the kit with Yaesu FTM so the swap was done as a courtesy to save you the potential hassle and frustration.

Here is the relevant discussion on the topic of FTM:

If my assumption was incorrect, I apologize for that and will be happy to arrange the replacement or instruct you on changing the serial port configuration.

PS: I also received all your emails re. this matter.

Hello Denis,

Thanks for that - I just need to dial in getting GPIO control for PTT.

I’ll look at what I need to do.


PTT is independent from the serial lines configuration and controlled by RTS signal.
Here’s the info on the subject:


Great - I’ll look at this a little later today.

Thanks For Your Help!


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