Problems - Quadra through a digirig to a uSDX (8-band model)

I’m trying to set up a Quadra through a digirig to a uSDX (8-band model with two connectors on the front and three on the back).

I’m currently trying to get flrig/fldigi to play nicely with the TS-590S settings. No joy.

I have the digirig cable that’s supposed to match the uSDX but it doesn’t appear to have the correct pin-outs for this model.

If I connect a 3-pin to 3-pin audio jumper from the “HP” connector to the “Audio” connector on the digirig I can see signals, but the data is garbled.

It’s unclear what cable with what pin-out I need to gain TX access and CAT control.

It’s also unclear what settings I need to use. (see pic)

In your picture the cable is plugged in backwards - green and red connectors are intended for the transceiver side and black connector on the other end goes into Digirig’s audio socket. Connection instructions for the cable are in the product page. Though with this USDX variant I see other operators using a Baofeng cable.

Also, please keep in mind that the cable you received is audio and PTT only, there is no serial CAT connection. Unless you have a separate serial cable connected in the software you will need to disable CAT control related options (xcver in case of flrig) and configure PTT by RTS (PTT generic in case of flrig). See please see above linked post for information on establishing the serial connection.

I tried connecting the cable both ways - it seems that I need to go the route of the 3-connector custom cable and return this one. Thanks for the link!

Sounds good. If you ordered your cable from, please email or PM for return arrangements.

Digirig’s hardware is rather forgiving in this department, so no worries there, but overall I would advice against trying electric connections without absolute certainty. In some cases that can release the magic smoke of of the equipment.

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