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I like to do CW and digital modes. I have a harness that includes the digirig and a k1el wkmini. On the USB side I have a USB c y-cable, adapter for the wkmini. It creates a cabling mess.

What if there was a digirig with the wkmini built in? It seems that k1el supports OEM designs as seen in kanga-products.

It would also enable a nice solution for computer side decoders like winwarbler win4k3suite, etc


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Thank you for the suggestion. This is the first request of this nature so the demand is not sufficient to justify this mod, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground.


It would be a good feature to be able keying CW.
In this post I propose something similar, “simply” adding a second com port for CW keying


Carlos CX5CBA

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