RadioShack HTX-10

Does anybody know how to use the Digirig with a 10m Radio Shack HTX-10? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has a GX16-6 (6pin) microphone connector and an audio out port on the back. No port for a keyer.


i’ve not used a digirig with an htx-10 but do run an htx-10 on a recycled allstarlink fob box i built many moons ago.

the htx-10 allows all needed ‘lines’ to come from the mic jack

rx audio
tx audio

i’m guessing your statement that the rig has no port for a keyer is that it has no CW mode?

anyway, since no remote control is used, just wire up the ‘audio’ cable and you’re off.

the htx-10 works well but in ssb mode, i wish the ‘fine tuning’ was not active all the time but rather switched in and out.

good luck,

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There are homebrew cable instructions for this radio.

That sounds awesome. Do you have a photo?

And no. It has no port for a CW key. However, I have heard of people building one from scratch using dead-bug electronics wiring as shown here.

so on my cheat sheet, i cropped off the connection details for the cm108 fob.

on the round mic jack, pin 3 is your PTT connection
pin 5 is ground
rx and tx audio as marked on the mic jack

no problem wiring these to a trrs plug for the digirig audio side.
(obviously selecting comport ptt ‘rts’ instead of any cat control ptt command)

stay away from pin 6 !
it is +v and you don’t want to touch that to any ground

good luck

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Recently purchased a DigiRig to get an old Realistic HTX-100 (like the HTX-10) on FT8 and FT4. Easy to do with the microphone connector which has PPT, mic, and audio on the Kenwood style microphone jack. I use the following:
Kenwood, Alinco GX16 Mic Cable for Digirig Mobile - GX16 Mic Connector
Digirig Mobile - Logic Levels (default)

No custom wiring required. Just plug and play. Note, the volume does impact the audio level.

A new life for this old mobile as a dedicated digital rig. 73 de Jeff

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They have different cables. The HTX-100 is GX16-8 (8 pin) and the HTX-10 is GX16-6 (6 pin).

I’ve since sold the HTX-10, as well as some other radios and equipment, as I am buying a Yaesu FT-DX1200 this week.

I am interested in buying a digirig for my HTX-10 I am only waiting to figure out how to connect the radio to the digirig. I gather that I will have to make my own cable.

Thank you for your interest in Digirig.

Yes, at this time for HTX-10 it’s either a homebrew cable or ordering a build from a third party. Leslie from is an option. If there are other interested cable makers, please post your contacts.