The ATAK Hammer plugin works with the Yaesu VX8-DR thanks to the digirig


ATAK / HAMMER v1.1 / Samsung Note 9 running Android 10 / digirig with the Yaesu HT cable and a 100watt high speed usb-c to usb-c cable (with a toriod added to each end of the usb-c cable to prevent interference THE TOROIDS ARE ESSENTIAL) / Yaesu VX8-DR with an adapter cable to change the speaker/mic. plug to a 3.5mm plug to match the digirig Yaesu HT cable. No changes were required in the ATAK app just run the calibrate volume function in the Hammer plugin.

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Jeff, congrats on your success!
Can you please share the links to the software involved and maybe the screenshots of the configuration screens.
Thank you.

Update… Download ATAK 4.7 and the Hammer Plugin from Turn Radio Squelch setting to 2, and the Mic. Gain to 5. Then run the calibrate volume setting. It should handshake almost immediately. Differing radios will need differing settings.

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