Will there be a DigiRig cable for the Kenwood TM-281?

The TM-281 has an RJ-45 microphone jack. Will DigiRig make a cable for this model?

From what I see RJ-45 cable from the store should work for your Kenwood.

Please post your results if you decide to give it a try.

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Although the cable looks similar to the Kenwood, the pinout between the Icom radios and Kenwood are different.

Pin 1 = Red wire
Pin 2 = (up/down)
Pin 3 = (audio out)
Pin 4 = (PTT)
Pin 5 = Copper shield (bare copper wire)
Pin 6 = White wire
Pin 7 = Black wire
Pin 8 = No connection


Pin 1 = Keypad serial data
Pin 2 = N/C
Pin 3 = Mic (600 ohm)
Pin 4 = Mic Grnd
Pin 5 = PTT
Pin 6 = PTT Grnd
Pin 7 = 8V
Pin 8 = No connection

If the pinouts don’t line up you may need to homebrew the cable from scratch or use one of the existing cables and re-crimp RJ-45 connector to match the pinout.