Yaesu 991a setup

Will DigiRig work with Yaesu 991a?

Normally there is no need for that.
FT-991A comes with the internal interface, just use a USB connector directly to computer.
More info here:

My Yaesu FT991A took a lightning strike surge through the USB port. Everything else still works. If you had a cable that would allow me to use the RTTY port with my DigiRig maybe I could resurrect the digital modes without needing the internal sound card serviced. What patch cord would work?
Or maybe if you have a mic plug patch cord I could at least get the tones into the transmitter.

Yes, give this kit a try with Digirig in RS-232 configuration:

I have done as you suggest. I am using the cables now. It is sending the tones out over the air. The tones may be over driven. I am not able to adjust the levels in Vara FM. Microphone and speakers levels don’t change the levels in Vara the way they should. When I check the driver properties “USB PnP Sound Device” there is no adjustments available. I have no control of the levels.

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Congrats on your progress. If you are using Windows 11, try mmsys.cpl from the command prompt to get an interface to the USB devices for setting levels and turning off AGC(Automatic Gain Control.) AGC must be off.

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