Yaesu ftm 400 xdr

Just got my digirig mobile yesterday along with the 10 pin to audio cable and the usbc to usb cable . I have researched to no end why I can’t interface with this radio. Im not sure if there is a setting or settings im missing in the radio itself. Trying to use with varafm and winlink but cant get past the testing soundcard on vara getting no signal response. Doesnt appear to be acctivating the PTT etc.

Jim, the response from the remote station depends on many factors including the RF conditions. Let’s start with low handing fruit: you mentioned that the radio doesn’t key up for transmit.
Here is the video on troubleshooting for that:

In VARA the setting is PTT by COM port.
Let us know the results of your troubleshooting.

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Im thinking its a radio setting thats preventing the interfacing I have several options on which band to use ie a band b band base a tx b rx so i believe its a radio settings issue and not digirig itself

Once you finish with the advice from @K0TX , this thread might be helpful:

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It was a setting in the FTM400. Once i changed the setting, i could use the band selected.


Im presuming you dont remember which one

I setup the Data band select mode to use "Main Band’. Then DATA would be TX/RX on the main band selected on the FTM-400.

Following, as this is in the cards for me, when I have time.

Confirming you turn off the aprs modem

Just to throw this out there… The FTM-400 gives you more than one way to configure data. I personally use the B band (fixed) for data and leave A for voice.