Yaesu FTM-6000 CAT capabilities


I was wondering if anyone has tested the actual cababilities of CAT in this radio using RS-232 version of DR and CAT cable (https://digirig.net/product/yaesu-minidin10-9600-cat/). I’m unable to find any details, as in theory, this radio does not support CAT, but I found multiple comments over the internet saying that this configuration of DR should work.

Control of PTT and sending packet data is obvious (even though I’m totally new to digital modes! :smiley:), but apart from that, I’m mostly interested in frequency and squelch settings. Programming channels in memory would also be great. Finally, would there be a way to transmit audio from PC (press PTT remotely from my computer and transmit voice from PC’s microphone)? If so, any recommendations on what software to use for all of the above functions?

I’ve seen some people on this forum that successfully use DR with this radio, however, I’m missing this last bit of details to decide which DR configuration I should go for, especially that I would probably use these functions more often than actual digital modes, so I’ll really appreciate any advice!

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Looking at the user manual for FTM-600, I’m not finding any references of CAT control so it’s ether is undocumented or unsupported. The serial functions of the accessory connection may be limited to programming: the cloning function is mentioned.

Here’s some relevant conversation with software mentioned:


Re. audio patching:
You can configure your computer’s mic settings to be patched to through to Digirig’s playback device and Digirig’s recording device to computer’s speakers. See the “listen” tab.

This will allow you to speak/listen through computer’s mic/speakers or attached headset.

Thanks. Lack of frequency control is a shame, but honestly, what you described is more than I hoped for. I guess it’s a price to pay for a lower-end radio mainly intended for a mobile use.

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I am evaluating this:

PTT works as a momentary switch, not toggle. I am collecting signal reports. This gets me 75% to hands free operation with this radio with no proprietary gear.

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This is exactly what I was looking for - thanks!

@jgtch The author, @KI5QPY , posts on this forum:

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"Control of PTT and sending packet data is obvious "
I’ve been trying to get basic PTT to work for me for about 2 months.
Can you share any tips on making this work?
I have an FTM-6000 and a DR.
I’m using FLDIGI.
Any help would be appreciated.
-Wayne, NC8F

@NC8F That is frustrating. I use the Digirig to control PTT and send and receive audio signals between fldigi and the Yaesu FTM-6000R. The fldigi settings for PTT are:

You must use Device Manager on Windows to determine your COM port.

You are close to success!

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I see that you have been working on this issue for a while:

Let us know how it works out.

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Indeed I have. I gave up for a long time, but I’ve been back at it now for a few months.
I’m missing something obvious. But, having no frame of reference, I don’t know what.
I try every combination of PTT and when I initialize. I get nothing.
I don’t know if I’m missing a codec, or perhaps some other software like Soundmodem. I don’t know. But I feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle. And it feels exactly like that. a puzzle.

Here’s a quick overview of PTT troubleshooting techniques:

Let me know if you have any questions.

This helped.
Found out my radio works, and my cable works.
RTS PTT works fine with WSJT-X. No issues whatsoever.

FLDIGI is still a no-go.

Regardless. Thank you for this. This helped.
-Wayne, NC8F

@NC8F Congratulations on your progress! Here’s an fldigi PTT configuration that works for me:

You are close to success!

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Here’s a breakdown of what you might be able to achieve:

Basic Control:

  • PTT and Packet Data: As you mentioned, controlling PTT and sending packet data for digital modes like APRS should be possible. Software like HamLib or fldigi should work for this.
  • Frequency and Squelch: Changing frequency and squelch settings through CAT might be more challenging. While some users report success with software like Yaesu Serial Control Interface (YSCI) or ft818_control, their reliability and functionality might vary.

Advanced Features:

  • Programming Memories: Unfortunately, programming memories directly through CAT is unlikely with this setup. You’ll likely need to rely on the radio’s front panel controls or manual programming software.
  • PC Audio Transmission: While some sound card interfaces like Signalink allow connecting a PC microphone and PTT to a radio, their compatibility with the FT-818ND and DigiRig setup is uncertain. Research and user experiences might be needed here.


  • Research User Experiences: Search online forums and communities dedicated to the FT-818ND and DigiRig combination. Look for specific user experiences regarding frequency control, memory programming, and PC audio.
  • Start Basic: Begin with trying PTT and packet data control using established software like HamLib or fldigi. This will help you assess the basic functionality and stability of the setup before venturing into more advanced features.
  • Consider Alternatives: If extensive CAT control, memory programming, and PC audio are crucial for your use case, you might want to consider radios with built-in CAT support like the Yaesu FT-991A or Icom IC-7300.