Yaesu FTM500 and DigiRig using WoAD

I have a Yaesu FTM500 and a digirig in my truck, when I use a windows computer and sound modem software, I’m able to use Winlink with no issues. When I try to use WoAD from my phone connected to the digirig I don’t send or receive any messages. The same digirig works with all of my HT’s. I have cables for Yaesu Ft5d, Baofeng, Icom ID52, all work with WoAD.

The FTM500 keys up and transmits, but no connection to the gateway. The volumes look good and I have tried every setting in WoAD with no luck. The fact it works with windows/winlink is the strange thing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I don’t have your radio and I am not using WoAD regularly, but I do not want your question to go too long without a response. Since you have an HT available, what do you hear if you monitor the FTM500 when it keys up and transmits under control of WoAD?

You may find some more information in the forum here:

Latest software-woad topics - Digirig Forum

There is a guide, Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig which can help you take a step by step approach.

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when you say volumes look good, have you heard the audio ‘over the air’?

that’s my first goto, get an ht and make sure i hear the audio over the air.

since the same setup works with a pc, maybe WoAD is using the wrong side of the audio output? left vs right

i’ve only used WoAD with a mobilinkd bluetooth tnc so i’m just guessing.

good luck

I have listened to the output and it has the audio from WoAD, it has the connect tone, I’m just not sure the output out of the 10 pin DIN connector has enough level and no way to change it that I can find. The fact it works with a Microsoft Surface Go 3 using Winlink and Soundmodem tells me it’s a volume issue as I have all of the other settings the same. I was hoping to use my phone for obvious reasons. I think the audio output on the FTM500 is not enough for use with WoAD.

Thanks for the suggestions!



so i use my galaxy s7 quite a bit in the field.

last suggestion and i’ll leave ya alone :slight_smile:

when transmitting, have you tried manipulating the volume buttons on your phone.

i have to set the volume each time i switch between droidpsk, droidsstv, ft8cn or ft8 radio.
i also have to acknowledge the warning about really loud headphone audio levels.
on my phone, the volume slider is labeled ‘media’.
only when transmitting though, otherwise, the volume buttons change the ringtone volume.

lastly, in another thread i investigated that 10 pin connector.
if your radio is in 1200 mode, the audio into the radio pin is connected to the ‘mic’ pathway.
if your radio is in 9600 mode, the audio into the radio pin is connected to the modulator and requires a bit more drive level compared to the mic pathway.

i’m with you as far as everything is the same except for the ‘console’.
i get the all the setting dialed in on the evolve maestro III and then have to tweak again if i only have the s7 android phone.

good luck

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Thank you very much for giving this time!

I’m not sure where to find the setting for 1200 vs. 9600? I see in the “Data” menu #69 that there is a data rate, but the lowest it goes is 4800. Also, when you turn on the data mode nothing works, the radio doesn’t even key. I believe that is for something other than packet radio.

I have tried this with both my S24 Ultra and my S9 tablet and have adjusted the volume levels from 0 - 100%, nothing seems to work. I have listen to the FTM500 on an HT and everything sounds correct. It doesn’t seem over/under modulated at my normal 75% volume when using either the tablet or phone with any of my HT’s.

I think I will just use my Surface and get over it!!! Just seems very odd.


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DATA Speed is menu item No. 71 in the setup. (1k2 or 9k6)
Keep in mind that you need different pinout for 9k6 - the AF out pin from the radio differs.

73! Werner oe9fwv

Thank you very much for your help! I went out and went through the whole menu system last night and I did find that menu #71 and both data and aprs are at 1200.

The fact it works with a windows machine running winlink using the same digirig and cable tells me it’s somehow in the WoAD interface. Which is also strange as that same digirig works with WoAD on every single HT I own.

I give up! I use my surface if I need winlink from my truck.

Thanks again for all the help!


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Someone knowledgable explained that this 1200/9600 naming situation is an historical artifact from packet radio days.

Soloscout was describing the setting corresponding to the audio pathway in the radio, 1200 or 9600, not a digital communication baud rate. Looking at WoAD docs it looks like AFSK 1200 is supported. Again, not a baud rate, but an audio signal path in your radio, so set the radio to 1200 or Mic path, for good results with WoAD.

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@Intrvideo OK, it looks like you did set to 1200(mic pathway) and still had the low level audio.

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Yeah, I’ve run out of patience with this method on this particular radio! If I need it for some reason, I’ll use my computer, it works. I also have WoAD working with all of my HT’s and a Anytone 778uv mobile unit that I have in a go-case with Li-ion batteries.


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I thought WOAD requires a TNC modem. I’m not aware of it being able to run directly from a phone.

Ok I’m full of it. I see they don’t necessarily require TNCs in the documentation. Did you get the experimental version of WOAD mentiond here that is RTS compatible? Digirig support in WoAD - Digirig Forum

The digirig is a TNC.

Well, after a couple of weeks of working on this issue, I have it working.

I did several things at the same time to get this to work, so I’m not exactly sure what one did the trick or if they all had a role in it.

In the S24Ultra, I went into developer options and turned off the “HD Audio”. I then increased the media volume to wide open on all screens. There is a somewhat hidden menu for max volume.

In WoAD i set the packet volume to 95%.

The rest of the WoAD settings are as follows.

TNC Settings:

Tx Delay = 900

Max packet length = 128

Max outstanding frames = 4

Frack time = 4

Persistence = 160

Slot time = 400

Max retries = 5

Tx tail = 40

Audio (AFSK, 1200 bps)

Mode = Simplex

Channel = Left

Set Packet Volume = Box ix checked

Packet Volume 95%


Enable = Box is checked and USB port select DigiRig Silicon com port

I created a separate session just for this radio, as my HT’s work with the basic settings described i many other posts.

I hope this helps someone!


Dave (KO4FRZ)

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