Digirig support in WoAD

I reached out to Andrew VA7YAA the author of WoAD - Winlink app for Android devices and he promptly added the support for Digirig’s PTT by RTS method.

The APK for the experimental version (1.4.67) of WoAD with Digirig support can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lK5kepNwCA8gFPPbGcWTgXtjwMVjtZ8V/view?usp=sharing

The new settings are available for a packet session, under TNC configuration… PTT USB RTS. It’s just a case of selecting Enable and then choosing the relevant USB port.


If you decide to give it a try, please report your reports here.


Great news! I’ll have to upgrade my WoAD version and test it when I can with the IC-706MKII in my truck. Might be later this month as I’m gearing up for the USAF Marathon radio support in a little over a week.

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Heck yes! Thanks K0TX!
I asked VA7YAA for support on the PTT by RTS so I’m elated he decided to implement this.

Works fine on my android phone, but decoding may be a bit less aggressive than my Direwolf based setup.

Settings below:

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@K0TX Any chance you’ve talked with @VA7YAA to also enable the PTT as RTS for the ARDOP function in WoAD as well?

Not sure if WoAD also has an ARDOP TNC running under the hood like Packet as well

Thanks again!

Hi there. Thanks for sharing this . I have a question regarding the destination IP address. What should I put there if I want to send messages over the radio and a local channel using my digirig and radio? Thanks

There are no plans currently for adding an ARDOP TNC internal to WoAD, so for now its just a connection to a remote ARDOP TNC (through either telnet or USB). Something I’ll keep in mind for the future though.

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If you mean the Destination Address, that will be the callsign of the receiving station, usually suffixed with the ‘-10’ SSID.

This can be browsed with the RMS list after setting your grid information in the Position Report section of the 3 dot menu.

Thanks for the reply Andrew! I’ll have to see if there’s an android version of ARDOP for android that I can latch into in the meantime to avoid lugging around my raspberry pi.


Nailed it! Thanks for the reply! Woad could work only with VHF/UHF stations or hf also?

Happy to help!

Yes, WoAD can also be used for HF primarily through the Vara and ARDOP connection options.

These will require TCP/IP or other connection methods to an applicable modem (such as Direwolf for the Vara application or ardopc/piardopc for ARDOP) that runs on a separate computer.

So far, I haven’t found an all-android solution for HF winlink using WoAD, and I’m currently using a raspberry pi and piardopc to fill that gap.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!


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Thanks Dan! I’ll make some tests and I’ll come back with my results. :wink:

Disregard. I got it working.


Trying to get this to work with an anytone d868uv with no luck.

I thought RTS would work, but no joy.

Any suggestions?

I did get this working with that other audio interface product, but wanted to use something smaller.

Andrew reports public availability of WoAD version 1.4.68 including Digirig support.
Documentation is updated to reflect the changes.

Download it from the Google Play Store or from WoAD - Download

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I just updated my Woad app to the latest version 1.4.68 on two separate Android phones. One is a Samsung and the other is an LG. When I enable the PTT USB RTS, I do not get an option in the USB PORT selection area to choose from. Do you have any suggestions on what to try? Thanks.

Hey Todd:
Do you have the Digirig plugged in? It will not appear as a possible selection if it’s disconnected from the Android system

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I had the USB lugged into the digi rig. Also, I confirmed the unit was OTC capable.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Maybe another app is using the Digirig? I usually plug the Digirig in with the screen unlocked, then it prompts me to select an app to use with the connected USB device.

Can you post an image of the config page?

Trying to get Woad and Digirig Mobile working with both a FT-70 and VX-6R. Woad works great with a Mobilinkd TNC3 but not so much with the DR. I have tried replicating Dans settings above but can’t get it to work. The best i have been able to accomplish is keying the radio but it never unkeys. Are there any settings within Android that i need to take a look at?