Baofeng direct to computer audio cable

Are there any articles/posts discussing how to get this working on a Win10 PC?

Bret/ N4SRN

Most of the posts here explain how to use the Digirig with various radios.

The pinout for the Baofeng UV-5R is described here:

Technical Section - Miklor

Technical Section - Miklor

and you can use that to make a cable for your computer audio jack.

Let us know how it works out.

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I was more thinking about how to use the direct Baofeng to PC cable sold by Digirig for use w/o the Digirig.

I have a few Digirigs and love them, but will teach a short workshop for our Makerspace radio club on Winlink on-the-cheap. I’ll show them how to use their radios direct-cabled and cabled via a Digirig, and let them decife to make a cable, buy a direct cable from Digirig or buy a Digirig+cable.

I think most will find the Vox for PTT to be troublesome and get a Digirig.

Direct to computer cable splits audio from K1 connector into separate TRS jacks - one for mic and one of headphones. This allows to connect Baofeng/Kenwood HTs to the regular sound card sockets.

This leaves PTT to radio’s VOX which is not optimized for digital modes and usually not that great to begin with. There is a now a passive cable that implements PTT + necessary attenuation and works with existing Digirig audio cables:

This can be a more economical VOX-based alternative to full Digirig setup.

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I ordered a few of these Baofeng direct to pc cables awhile back, and finally got around to trying them out. I had receive audio coming into pc from ht, but audio from pc was not getting to the ht to key via vox. I knew the usb sound card was working as I had been running a headset splitter cable and a baofeng aprs k1 cable with it. Started scoping the k1 plug and looking at the diagram and realized I needed to plug the cable into the sound card backwards. It looks wrong if your old enough to remember plugging stuff into the soundblaster card where plug colors matched sockets, but it works like a champ that way. The fact that you have receive audio either way makes it not as obvious at first.

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