Cables for Kenwood TM-D710

The pinout of the data port in this transceiver is the same as in Yaesu FT-8xx series so same cables can be used.

For serial CAT control, Digirig should be in RS-232 configuration.

Manual can be found here.

Cool! I know we talked about this before, but nice to see it confirmed. On my list to get those cables, but not high priority as my D710 is in my truck, and my 706 there is already configured to use Digirig for Winlink

Looking at my TM-D700, it looks like the same pinout for the DATA Terminal as the ones on the TM-D710 (connecting to the radio body), so the same cable should work with those radios as well. When I can get the cable, I’ll test both

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Did you ever test this?