Digirig, WOAD, FT-60

Hi, all. I have a digirig I am connecting to my android phone (Samsung s-10) and Yaesu FT-60 HT. I cannot get my radio to go into transmit using AFSK 1200. Help?

Wayne KB4DSF

Please post a screenshot of your configuration screens. Somebody who has WoAD up and running may be able to spot the issue. Also, to test the hardware aspects of PTT, please use this method:

First check that you have a USB port selected under USB PTT RTS. This is under Settings → TNC configuration → PTT USB RTS. Enable should be checked and a USB port selected.

Another common problem people encounter here is the audio channel setting. The digirig is expecting audio input on the left channel, while WoAD defaults to the right. This is configured under the session settings: Settings → TNC configuration → Channel.


I know this post is a bit dated.
But I finally got my FT-60R/DigiRig/WoAD (on a Samsung A52) setup to work.
Using Dan’s settings (from here Digirig support in WoAD), open the squelch, and minimal volume, about 9 o’ clock. This seems to be important, as anything else was apparently over-driving and the node kept responding with “Reject”.
Click “Run”.
Then click “Send”.
Watch the WoAD log to see what’s happening, and if possible, monitor on a second radio.

Maybe this helps someone.


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