FT5DR and DigiRig

My radio is flickering which I dont believe its supposed to do. Im using Sound modem and Winlink to make a connection to the internet. The sound settings are set to digirig and ptt through com and com5 is selected. For some reason the ptt isnt triggering on my radio. I have the cable plugged into the audio port and the usb c is routed and plugged to the computer. Any help with this would be appreciated…


Milwaukie, OR

Could be a partial jack insertion on the HT’s side. Try a PTT test as described in this post:

Its a custom cable bought direct from digirig as well as the usb c cable…Im not sure why its not triggering ptt. I also have it set inVara for COM5 and RTS…

Understood. Did you try a PTT test as described in the linked post?

The radio is now keying up…I believe this is just a configuration issue not a hardware issue…In sound modem im on the specific frequency, see static in the waterfall, see the radio keying on the radio itself as well as the waterfall but still not connecting to any stations…

Is there anyone that has this specific radio that could tell me what their config settings are?

Sounds like you are almost there, now just need to optimize the audio levels. The best option would be to have a buddy with another FM station to try a close distance RF link.

I have a signalink and a digirig and two radios…just 1 computer though…dangit…

I don’t see any problem with this arrangement. You can use each of your digital interfaces with one of the radios and connect both to the same computer.

Ok, I have been successful at connecting my FTM-400XDR to my digirig but not the FT5DR…It does ptt but it just wont connect. The light lights red on transmit and, it trys to connect 5 times then disconnects. Its got to be a setting that is not correct. Does anyone out there have this radio and a successful connection?

Can I get your configuration on your radio?


Milwaukie, OR

If you use the same software configuration and it works with one FM radio, but not the other then the issue is either related to audio levels or RF link quality. Use waterfall and other level indicators on the computer to see if you are getting a clean signal.

Finally, after a few weeks of troubleshooting got it working…If anyone with a FT5DR needs the settings to get their device up and running send me a DM. I can help with the FT5DR and the FTM-400XDR radios.

Thank you for the update. If you have a moment, please publish your setup notes here.
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Ok, thank you for the help. Glad to have everything up and running now both on a Digirig as well as a Signalink running Sound Modem and Vara FM on Windows 11 with a FT5DR and a FTM-400XDR.

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