Kenwood TS-140s and CAT Control

I bought the Digirig mobile for Kenwood. It came with a DB9 cable which does not work on the TS 140S. I’ve bought an 8 pin din and TRRS 3.5 connector that the guy at Digirig told me I needed. I’ve not been able to fin schematic for the connections. Could someone please send me a schematic for the connections.

Ok, let’s look at what this radio can do:


For CAT control we would normally go with the connector labeled “REMOTE” (DIN7), but based on the info in the manual, there are no signals there that even REMOTEly have anything to do with the serial communication:


The next suspect is DIN8 labeled ACC3. There is no pinout for it in the transceiver’s manual, but it mentions AT-250 Tuner.


From tuner’s manual it looks like it’s just parallel logic level outputs for band selection, and not the serial port lines.

We interface 13 pin port for audio and PTT, and there are no serial lines there either. Having looked at countless pictures of the rig I don’t think I missed any other connections so my conclusion is that this radio doesn’t support serial CAT control.

If it was me you talked to about this earlier, I apologize for misleading you.

KENWOOD–TS-140S-User-Manual.pdf (1.6 MB)

Now, another post mentions Piexx IF10C plugin board which is supposedly enables CAT control in this radio. Please let me know if you have that in your radio and I’ll continue my research.

EDIT: having looked into it, I doubt this extension board is something you would miss if that was installed, but if you do have it, then it’s going to be DB9 serial cable that plugs into it.


Ok, thanks I guess it will have to be manual tuning I do not have the board installed.

Hi all,

I own a TS-140S with the optional IF10-C card.
More INFO (
I would like to know in which configuration to put the digirig.
The default one or RS232 12v?


The board that you liked doesn’t look like the one discussed earlier.

Looking at the board in the listing you linked I don’t see anything that would handle conversion from logic levels to RS-232, just an old UART chip and a few accompanying 5V logic level ICs. There are also no obvious connections for +/-12V that would normally be required for RS-232 without voltage pumps. The typos-filled note on the page mentions RS-232 but in this case I would first try logic levels.

This module is designe according to Kenwood documentation and will work wioth RS232 cable connected to your PC!