KX3 is not activating with the Digirig

Have made sure that the VCM is there, It says the radio is on COM 4. If I look at HRD is says the serial port is on Com 3 and virial is on Com 4. No matter what I do, it cant find the radio, if I use the Elecraft cable … works fine. Really thought it would be plug and play, 3 hours and no clues Help It just came in from Amazon (the Digirig and the KX3/2 cable)

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@Paul_Van_Dyke That is frustrating! I do not use the KX3 or Ham Radio Deluxe, but I do not want your concerns to go unanswered.

It sounds like the Digirig and Elecraft KX3 work together when connected with K0TX’s cable. Am I right? That’s good!

It also sounds like you are using a Virtual Serial Cable to connect something to HRD, Ham Radio Deluxe, probably for CAT control. Am I right?

Denis K0TX has an explanation of the connections here. Does this make the situation more clear? The posting mentions that the cable must be ordered as a null modem cable.

There is also a guide Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig.

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Another user and Denis K0TX went through issues with Elecraft radios and HRD in a step-by-step way:

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Absolutely not, I can’t get the Digirig and the KX3 to talk in any form, it should have been plugged in & play. I’m using the drivers that are on the comport 4. And using the VCM drivers that were suggested. But if i use the com port it wants to use, it says Com 4, HRD says Com 3, but with Digirig Com3 is locked out… I am using a new set of short KX3 Digirig cords

Digirigs sold on Amazon are in default configuration (logic levels). Elecraft KX uses RS-232 configuration. If you plan on using CAT control then your Digirig needs to be reconfigured.

Here is how reconfiguration looks like. If this is not something you want to try, we can arrange an exchange.

Yeah … now after Turkey, I can reconfig the unit … as long as I have plan … for the Digirig setup … is that the video I need or is there a paper layout … thank you


The text version of that info is at:

and will send it back as it will not work even with the changes it will not connect with either the KX2 or the KX3
Enclosed is a screenshot of the comports

a bit unhappy as I wanted to be on the air this weekend with it.
I will use the old way


Screenshot 2023-11-23 231041.png

Digirig’s port is COM4. What is the reason you think it will not work with your Elecraft?

I did the changes you (and Instructions said) jumpered the 3 sets of pads and made sure 2 of the traces were cut thru.
Reassembled it all, rebooted it all, and it still will not connect to either the KX2 or the KX3

I might be missing something … but when I tell it to use Com 4 … it can’t find it


You can test your modes with the loopback test.
Now, what is the software you are trying to configure? I would recommend starting with WSJT-X.
Share the screenshot of your configuration if you run into issues.
Also here are the correct connections to double check:

I have both the KX2 and KX3.
I have 2 digirig’s - one for each
They have worked faultlessly with WSJT-X and FLDigi
I do not use HRD or any other virtual port system to share ports and data.

I also use digirig for other radios with no sound card - AnyTone’s, FT3D and TX500
again - they all work faultlessly.

The points made above are important and there are many guides that walk through setting up with various operating systems and companion software including virtual port drivers.

I know its frustrating in this largely “plug and play” world that something actually needs some configuration and thought - but that is what this hobby is about.

If you do not use the Digirig what will you use? The radio will still need to be interfaced through USB to the computer so you will need to sort that out regardless of the interface used.

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