Winlink P2P using Digirig for VHF/UHF


I want to use Winlink with 2 laptop connected to Digirig respectively and 2 nos of UV-5R Handy’s

My goal is to use Winlink to exchange email directly from one laptop to another which are sitting 1.5 kms apart.

I am unable to find anything on this as mostly all data is related to HF communication using Winlink.

Being in India there is no Gateway present in the whole country and I am planning to setup the first so need to get familiarized with all the settings and hence trying this out!

Request to guide me on this please!!!


Yes, you can do this several ways:

  1. Use point-to-point, P2P,
    1a. Winlink packet between the two stations
    1b. Winlink Vara FM between the two stations
  2. Use Winlink RMS, server, on one station
    2a. Winlink packet between the two stations client/server
    2b. Winlink Vara FM between the two stations client/server

You can do P2P quickly. You can easily get an authorization from to test out an RMS node.

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To get started with Packet P2P:

Screenshot 2024-06-28 115858

Use soundmodem from UH7ZO website as a software TNC/modem.

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So does that mean Digirig won’t be required?

Digirig is the external soundcard and PTT control, whether you choose packet or Vara FM mode. The Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig is a good place to start to understand these two functions.

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Have you taken a look at this guide for HT + Digirig + soundmodem + Winlink packet:

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I see this topic is now tagged with digirig-lite. Which Digirig model are you using, please?

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sorry for the error on my part.

I don’t have the digirig-lite model. i might have selected it by mistake when selecting keywords.

so when I am trying to send and receive the Digirig disappears from the Ouput/Input devices.

I have to plug out and plug in the Digirig hardware for it to reappear back.

also the Winlink system fails to dial the callsign given on a preset frequency.

all the videos and documents I am coming across is either via a CMS or a Digipeater. I am try to avoid both conditions.

is there are online reference or video which shows plain P2P Packet Winlink exchange using 2 laptops, 2 Digirig’s and 2 Baofeng on a preset frequency!

OK, great! You have the standard Digirig Mobile v1.9 or v1.10, and those guides I recommended are appropriate for your case.

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This is likely RFI, Radio Frequency Interference. Try putting ferrite beads on the USB cables. Try using remote antennas, like a magmount or rollup J-pole, for the HTs.

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I haven’t seen one. When you get it working, you will be the first!

You can star in your own Video if you want to! I think you are very close to success.

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i am using a very short (15cms) USB cable from the laptop to Digirig.

also the PTT is not happening with Packet P2P using the U7ZHO soundmodem.

any idea why?

Looking at your config, the Digirig audio devices are usually named something like, “Digirig Audio USB PnP Device.” I think you are selecting those, correct?

Also, for P2P, I think you are already doing this, but I will mention:

  1. name each station with a different callsign in Winlink → Settings → Setup
  2. create the message on station 1 addressed To: Station 2 callsign
  3. select Send As → Peer-to-Peer Message
  4. post to Outbox
  5. then Open Session → Winlink Packet on Station 2
  6. Open Session → Winlink packet on station 1, fill in the name of Station 2 after Connection Type
  7. On station 1, press Start

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Use Device Manager to check the COM port associated with the Digirig. Use that in Select PTT port of the soundmodem configuration.

Are you sure you are not triggering PTT? Even a very short burst can cause RFI which will disturb the USB connection.

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There is also a guide, Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig which can help at this point when RFI is an issue.

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Attaching 2 screenshots of Windowns 10 “Device Manager” to this message.

The first is showing that the Digirig module gets detected perfectly allowing me to select it as a sound card in the Soundmodem by UZ7HO.

I decided to use Easyterm by UZ7HO to check what was happening hence I setup the said Easyterm and then dialed through it.

The moment I dialed the system removed the Digirig sound card and gave an error.

If you see the second screenshot you will notice the error marked with an Red Arrow.

I have to physically unplug the Digirig module and plug it again to get it detected again.

Just failing to understand what is causing this.


Screenshot 1 : Before executing the Easyterm Connect

Screenshot 2 : After executing the Easyterm Connect

and then the following pop-ups come… which go upto 32.




This is a sign of Radio Frequency Interference, RFI. The radio emits radio waves which the USB cable unintentionally receives, and that causes a reset. The guide Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig has a section labeled “Sticky transmission, Errors on Transmission” which gives a step-by-step approach to RFI, RF in the shack.

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Thank you for the update.

Will immediately look into it!